Running Toward the Terror by Travis Sharpe

I, like everyone else, am appalled and disgusted with the horrible acts of terror that are prevalent in our world today. It is a sad reality that we are living in a time when people who kill God’s children truly believe that they “do God a service.” I am disgusted by these acts, but I am not amazed. I am appalled, but I am not impressed.

What does amaze me? What does impress me? The actions of God’s people who run into the face of terror to bring aid in Jesus name to those who are displaced and marginalized because of the terror. I am amazed at the faith these heroes possess. I am impressed with their bravery and their courage.

All over the world there are churches, mission agencies, organizations and individuals who are rushing to help in times of need. They disregard their own safety as they are full of compassion and concern for their fellow man. Many times, the very people they minister to are not even their brothers and sisters in Christ; not yet anyway.

As you may already know, ISIS terrorists attempted to take over a town in the Southern Philippines on May 23. Many have been killed but the battle rages on. This attack and ongoing battle has caused many citizens of Marawi to be displaced. That means they have been driven from their homes, their work, and everything normal. They are in a situation of dire need.

Soon after the attack, one of my Filipino pastor friends went to this area and took food, snacks and juice to many of the victims. He didn’t have much money to use but he went with what he had. He made a difference.


Here are pictures from the first trip.

Now, this pastor, along with our Unsheltered International Philippines President, are going back on Tuesday to provide more aid. Their main goal is to share Christ with these mostly Muslim evacuees. We have sent $500 for their travel and for their supplies. They have already bought several sacks of rice, lots of juice and lots of snacks. There are hundreds of children and those are the ones they will provide the juice and snacks to primarily. These pastors will sacrifice their own comfort and use most of that $500 for the needs of the children and families.

Here are some of the supplies they bought today


I ask that you pray for their protection as they go on Tuesday (it will be Monday here in the West), and that you give them boldness to be a witness for Christ in the midst of the hurt, pain and confusion of this tumultuous region. I am glad to know that our ministry team is running into the face of danger in order to bring help and hope to people in need.