Special Christmas Report

Christmas 2016 has come and gone and boy did we have a great time. This was the first Christmas that our family was able to spend here with our Filipino staff and friends and it was as much fun as we thought it would be!

We spent December 23 and 24 having Christmas parties with the children from our meal centers. Friday was all of the children from Talisay City and Saturday was all the children from Bacolod City. All of the children were not able to attend but we still had big crowds.

We gave gift bags and tee shirts to the children and we played games and sang fun songs. Over the two days we served over 300 meals and gave over 300 gifts. Here are some pictures from  our parties.

Presents for the street children

On Christmas day, we had a great church service and then in the afternoon we hit the streets to take food and gifts to the children who live on the streets. It was heartbreaking to know realize that even on Christmas day the children were sleeping on the sidewalks. It was just another day for most of them. We gave them new tee shirts and most of them stripped off their old ones and put on the new ones as soon as they got them. I think we helped about 24 kids.

There is still time!

As 2016 is coming to a close there is still time to give your year-end gift to support the work we are doing for the poor and needy. Please remember that although we do tons of things to help people in a physical way, we hold the preaching of the gospel in the highest regard. That’s why we always share a gospel message when we are making our visits. We also do our best to pray with everyone before we leave.

If you would like to mail a check, you can send it to:

Unsheltered International
PO Box 2625
Cullman, AL 35056

You can also use our website to contribute instantly with your card. Just visit this link to give.

Of course, all gifts are tax deductible according to law. Thank you so much for considering us for your year-end charatible giving!