Thank God It’s Thursday

Merliza Ner is the wife of Pastor Antonio Ner and the leader of the street ministry for Unsheltered International Philippines. Merliza and the rest of the UIP team serve the homeless, runaways, mentally ill and other vulnerable children and families.

Merliza’s tireless work ethic and servants heart shines through in all she does. She truly cares for those whom no one else cares for. The following is an update she shared on Facebook recently that really touched my heart. These are her words describing just one portion of one evening of their ministry.

Thank God it’s Thursday!

Thank God It’s Thursday! Thank God for the opportunity to serve to 19 precious souls in our rescue center! Thank God It’s Thursday and we had the privilege to serve good meal, prepare their hygiene and most of all, untiringly sharing the Gospel and God ‘s love. Although we have a good attendance for tonight, some are asking if we still have street ministry! But because we are already used to share TGIT to our street ministry, we will still go out to reach the other homeless roaming around the busy street and downtown area of Bacolod. Our clients are also excited for our food delivery and so very thankful.

Because it’s campaign time for the upcoming election, most people are asking if we are running for a politics. We told them that we are Christian and wanted to share God’s love to them.

As we continue looking for new contacts and needy, we saw Celine, aka Amor, lying on the sidewalk. So thankful that our team is always on the go, not only first aid kit is on our bags but also extra tops or shirts, just in case! Amor is almost half naked so Sis. Rama gave her a t-shirt. Amor also enjoy talking with Richard.

We are also looking for the lady with no name but we did not see her and we conclude maybe because of the rain that’s why she is not there in her area. She is a person we met last week but she would not speak and would not tell us her name. It was clear that she was suffering from some type of trauma or mental illness.

But the heartbreaking scene was on our way back home. I saw a naked person not sure who she/he is. I requested Bro. Julito, our driver to make a U turn to help that naked person.

But to our surprise, it was the lady with no name. We only have extra shirts on our bags so I requested again our driver to make a U turn going to downtown area and we will buy a legging for her. At first, she is uncomfortable when we go closer to her maybe because she is just covering her naked body with a small piece of old sack. But when we showed her the clothes that we have for her, i can’t explain her face. Again, she is very hungry and thirsty. I think, she is suffering trauma. When we said “bye for now”, she don’t like to look at us. I requested Pastor Tuazon to pray with her.

We covet your prayers for this special ministry.

We covet your prayers for God’s continues provision for this special ministry.

We need more prayer warriors for these precious souls.


This is just one example of why we love the partnership that we have with Mrs. Ner, Her husband pastor Ner, and everyone in Unsheltered International Philippines. They are the real deal. When you support our Philippines ministry, this is where it goes. Thank you for your prayers.