The Power of Prayer

Sometimes our inability to “fix” or even “see” the Big picture, will lead to a feeling of hopelessness that can radiate to the people around us.

What we have to remember though, first and foremost, our most powerful tool in ministry is PRAYER!

And, the smallest act on our part has an opportunity to move mountains in another mans journey.

Here are only a few journeys that we have been blessed to see come full circle.


We met Mike in 2013. He was homeless, with a criminal record that still held him down, and a drug addiction that seemed to have a hold on every chance of success he had.

Though not much could be done to help Mike until his addiction and criminal obligations were taken care of, we were able to give clothing, food, and blankets to tide him. Our volunteers Tim & Paul have kept in close contact with Mike through out the year,  praying with and for him as often as we could.

Today we are happy to report that Mike made it home to Ohio. Has his own apartment, his own job, and says he is clean and sober today!

Though we may not have been able to move Mike’s mountain for him,  we we’re blessed to feel like a small part of his journey was filled with powerful prayer!


Jeremy had lost his job, his place to live and vehicle it seemed all in one swift motion. But still had a young daughter to take care of and giving up, or living on the streets was just not an option.

We were able to help Jeremy get involved with a local community program called The Link of Cullman, AL and in weeks time he is now in a new apartment, has a job and great people willing to help with transportation to and from work.

Recently, Someone purchased a refrigerator for their new apartment, and our volunteer Paul was able to be a part of hand delivering it to his apartment!

Sometimes, things just don’t always go the way we hope, and everything it seems can go bad in an instance. Jeremy is so grateful for all the little steps everyone took to help him get back on his feet.  He and his daughter as of today are well on there way to getting back to normal!


Greg was drunk the first time we heard of him needing help. The first call we received was from a nurse at the hospital, who anticipated that he would need us. He was beat up, homeless and jobless.

Our volunteers Adrienne and Tim picked him up from the hospital and got him a hotel room for the night. We made immediate plans to take him to a local shelter the next day. Little did we know how broken physically and spiritually he was.

He cried on the way to the shelter, as he talked with our volunteer Paul about the healing power of Christ. That day, on I65, Greg asked Christ into his life.

One year later, Greg lives in Virginia, is sober, and a faithful member in his church!  He calls our Paul from time to time, to check in on us and let us know, he is praying for our ministry!


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