We Gave Her a Loan, And Then, This Happened…

I am amazed at what the Lord did in our midst today. His goodness shouldn’t surprise me I guess, but I always am surprised and amazed when these things happen. Here’s the story.

A few weeks ago I wrote about a lady named Nannay Milagros. She is a grandmother that Sister Liza and our ministry team found on the street one night a couple months ago. You can read the original story about her here.

For some time, due to a broken family, this grandmother had been caring for her four grandchildren. Since she couldn’t find a job, every night she would wander the streets searching for used plastic bottles and other materials that would be considered scrap. She would work late into the night, waiting for stores to close and digging through the trash in an effort to find enough scrap to sell and feed her family.

The problem was that she could never collect enough to make ends meet. The kids were always hungry and there was always more needed than what she could provide. That’s when Sister Liza came up with a plan. We would give here a micro loan to help her start her very own business selling simple items from her little house. Nanny Milagros was excited about the idea so Liza purchased the items and delivered them to her home.


As an extra help, she also bought a large bag of rice and some other food to sustain her and the grandchildren until the business began to make money. There was only one stipulation…the loan had to be paid back. Liza told her that we would use the money she paid back to help another family.

We prayed and held our breath.

The very next Sunday, Nannay Milagros came to church and waited for Liza to be alone. After only four days of working her new business, she offered Liza her first re-payment of 500 pesos (about $10). We were all pleasantly surprised because at that point, Liza hadn’t even told her when to make the first payment! It looked like this was going to be successful.

An even bigger blessing

Today was Sunday here. The second Sunday after we gave the loan to Nannay Milagros. Once again, she was in church today, and once again she waited for Liza to be alone. This time she gave a payment of 1000 pesos (about $21). That was great. We thought it was great that this grandmother was taking the initiative to change the course of her family by hard work and an opportunity. That is just good stuff!

But that’s not the best.

The best thing is that today, Nannay Milagros brought a friend from her neighborhood to church with her. And that friend, came forward during the invitation and received Christ as her Savior! Wow, I told you I was amazed! We thought that we were helping a family to overcome poverty, little did we know that our investment would also bring other souls, unknown to us, to the Lord.

In conclusion

We are already looking for the next family that we can help when Nannay Milagros finishes paying off her interest-free loan. Please pray with us that we will locate the right needy family and that they will put forth the needed effort. But most of all, pray with us that God will continue to use these connections to save more lost souls.