Weekly Update 1-29-16

Last weekend we had our annual Board of Directors meeting in Atlanta, GA. It was a great time of fellowship, devotions, prayer, overview and planning. I am extremely thankful for each of our board members and their families for all they do to ensure we are headed in the right direction.


In attendance were: Travis & April Sharpe (with Hunter & Sarah, Howard and Debbie Dye, Steve & Rebekah Dixon, Bob Phillips, Tara & Shane Philyaw (with Sylar), Antonio Ner

One of the outcomes of our meeting was an official vote to move forward with our plans in the Philippines. We now have a three-phase plan that we will implement one phase at a time.

A glance at our Future plans

Phase 1- Safe Home in Talisay City
  • Purchase small lot and build the home
  • It will function as a safe place to bring kids straight off the streets
  • It will function alongside Pastor Ner’s church
Phase 2- Orphanage and School on land in mountains
  • Purchase larger property in mountains and build orphanage and school
  • Long-term care and education
  • It will function alongside Pastor Jezer’s church (or another church if needed)
Phase 3- Livelihood program on orphanage property
  • Build necessary buildings in orphanage property to teach trades
  • Farming projects
  • Church planting

We are excited to begin moving forward with phase one. We will need to raise the necessary building funds and operating expenses so we have a big job ahead of us! I will be sharing more about the plans to raise these funds in the coming weeks.

Thank you Old Union Baptist Church

The children at Old Union Baptist Church in Harlem, GA surprised us last Sunday with a special gift of over $2000.00 for the ministry in the Philippines.


This was a real surprise for us because we didn’t know they had been working on raising the money. The children (and adults) were happy to invest in what God is doing for the children we minister to on a weekly basis. Thank you all!

We are leaving February 15

April and I, along with Steve and Rebekah Dixon and their two children, will be leaving for the Philippines on February 15. We are excited about this trip and we have a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. Please be in prayer for us as we travel, preach, train our staff and do a whole lot of other great things.

Mission trip opportunity

We already have two people signed up for the mission trip to the Philippines in September. The dates are September 8-17, 2016. If you want more information about this trip opportunity, please click here. We need a minimum of ten people to make this trip a reality so please pray about joining us to do some amazing ministry with some amazing people!

Thank you

Thank you for your faithful prayers and support. We love each of you and are glad to be serving the Lord together with you.

Travis Sharpe