Weekly Update 3-18-16

Sarah and I spent most of the week in Ludowici, GA with the gracious folks at Trinity Baptist Church. We began revival services there on Sunday morning and finished up on Wednesday evening. It was a great week with Pastor Matthew Massey and the church family.

We are glad to be back home in Alabama now. Hunter and Sarah will be finishing up their school next week and heading for Honduras on Friday. Thanks to the generous giving of many, they were able to raise their full amounts needed for the trip. They will be there for about two weeks so please pray for them to have a safe and productive trip.

Golf Marathon 

Our golf marathon is scheduled for May 28th right here in Cullman, AL. This will be a fundraiser to raise funds for the first phase of our three phase children’s ministry plan in the Philippines. The first phase will be purchasing land and building a safe home for the children who currently live on the streets.

We currently have 13 registered golfers. These golfers will be asking their friends and family to sponsor them for the event. The goal is for each golfer to get 30 sponsors. There will be prizes for the golfers but the big winners will be the children that need our help so desperately.

We need more golfers to participate so please spread the word. Signing up is super easy, you can just let me know you want to participate and I will take it from there. Please visit here for more information.

In the last couple of weeks our staff and partners in the Philippines have helped many people who have medical needs. They have assisted a teenager who was run over, a young girl who suffers with asthma and an older gentleman who had a severe infection in his hand. Please pray for each of these people as they heal and are ministered to.

New meal center sponsor!

The meal center at Crossroad Community Baptist Church has a brand new sponsor. We are grateful for Howard and Debbie Dye of Grovetown, GA for committing to a full sponsorship of this meal center for this year. As a sponsor, they not only provide the weekly meal and Bible time, they also ensure that there are funds available for the medical needs of the children in that center.

We have many more meal centers that need sponsors so please check out our sponsorship page on our website. I think you will be blessed with how we are making a difference in the lives of so many children each week. Wouldn’t it be great to know that  you had a direct effect in the life of a hungry, needy child? As a sponsor, you can have that assurance. Please visit here to find out more today.

Thank you

We are appreciative to each of you for your prayers and support. Please keep them coming because it’s making a big difference.