What to expect at the Cincinnati Resource Clinic

Hello everyone! My name is Travis Sharpe and I am the President/founder of Unsheltered International. This blog is for all the volunteers who are coming to serve with Unsheltered International and Revive City Church at the Resource Clinic this weekend.

Saturday will be a BIG day for all of us so I want you to feel as prepared as you can beforehand. Below, you will find lots of important information and details concerning the day so please read it all and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

The location of the event is
3920 Glenway Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45205

We will be setting up in the parking lot at this address and space will be limited so you might be directed by some of the church staff as to where to park when you arrive. Please don’t try to park within the event boundaries though because that will make it difficult on the people who are doing the set up. It will be roped off with flag tape so you should be fine as long as you don’t cross the tape.

Hours and arrival times

The official resource clinic hours are 11am-4pm. However, the set up process will begin at 7am and we will be there after 4pm taking everything down. Here is the event timeline so you will know what to expect.

  • 7:00 am- The set-up team will arrive and begin setting everything up. We need some men to help at this time. We will be putting up tents, tables, chairs, etc.
  • 9:00-9:30 am- Volunteers arrive and register at the registration table. You will receive a name tag when you sign in and if you are unsure about your job for the day you can see me (Travis Sharpe) after you register. Please don’t be any later than 9:30!
  • 10:30 am- we will have prayer together and then each volunteer should go to their station to receive more training/instructions. This is the time that you will be instructed on how to perform your job for the day so it is extremely important that you are in your place at this time. For example, if you are assigned to be a food server, as soon as we finish the meeting and prayer, you would go to the food tent to meet with April Sharpe and she will show you the process of serving the meal.

          Every resource station will have an Unsheltered International leader who will train you and assist you throughout the day. PLEASE follow their instructions as they are there to serve along with you and ensure your station goes well.


  • 11:00- Begin to register guests that have arrived early.
  • 11:00-11:45 am- Volunteers and leaders eat lunch. We will eat our lunch at this time because we need to be ready to serve later. Please don’t wait to eat. You will hinder the process if you do. BUT, WE WILL NOT GO TO THE BIG TENT AND TABLES TO EAT. WE WILL EAT CLOSE TO THE FOOD TENT IN A DESIGNATED AREA THAT WE WILL DIRECT YOU TO. This way we can eat and be prepared for the day but we are not eating in front of the guests who have arrived early and are waiting for the event to begin.
  • 12-1 Worship service
  • 1:00 Meal is served (Meal will also be provided throughout the day for the guests who come later)
  •  After the meal, Resources open. It is important that we do not allow anyone to enter the resource stations until after the meal is finished. We will announce when it’s time to open the resources.
  • 4:00 pm Finish and tear down. If we have a big crowd like we are expecting, the finish time might be later than 4. We will stay as long as needed and serve everyone we can.


It is our desire to have a very orderly event. In order for that to happen, we will assign every volunteer a specific job for the day. We try to assign you a job that you will enjoy and be talented at. Some of these positions are evangelism, serving the meal, greeting, plating the food, refilling the drinks, hosting a resource station, working a resource station, etc.

If we can get almost everyone assigned to a position by Friday evening that will help us tremendously. I WILL BE AT CINCINNATI CHRISTIAN COLLEGE IN AN AREA CALLED THE EAGLES NEST ON FRIDAY EVENING FROM 7-9 PM. IF YOU ARE IN TOWN, PLEASE COME MEET WITH ME THERE AND I WILL ASSIGN YOU A PLACE TO SERVE. I can also answer any questions you have and give you any assistance you need at that point. If you cannot meet with me on Friday evening, we will assign your job to you Saturday morning after you register.

The Eagle’s Nest is in the bottom floor of the chapel building that sits between Restoration Hall and Alumni Hall.

Chapel Building

Entrance to Eagle’s Nest is through the doors by these umbrellas.


What to bring/not to bring on Saturday

Ladies shouldn’t bring purses or other items that you may need to sit down. Remember that there will be lots of people everywhere so leave your valuables locked in your vehicle.

There will be plenty of bottled water for you so no need to bring a cooler or anything.

You might want sunscreen.

The resources that will be available to our guests

We will have lots of valuable resources for the guests who attend. They are:

Birth certificates
Reading glasses
Hygiene products
Food boxes
Medical care
Dental care
Hot meal
Church service


How to contact me

It’s going to be a great day! If you need anything please call or text me at 803-640-7021. Or email me at travis@unsheltered.org.

Job assignments

Here is our job assignment list. These are the different areas all the volunteers will be serving in during the resource clinic. Come by and see me Friday between 7-9 pm at the Eagles Nest at Cincinnati Christian College to get signed up. Or, call me at 803-640-7021.

Set up

Pastor Zeb Greenfield

Oliver Hawkins

Reggie Wheeler

Deron Heron

Jimmy Stigall


Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Christy Acheampong

Wendi Pommering

Leah Neal-Westerfield

Audrey Burgest

Karen Kirkland


Person in Charge- Adrienne Barbee

Birth certificates

Person in charge- Steve Battles


Joann Gano

Brenda Deering

Reading glasses

Person in charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Sean Sampson

Couple from FBC Columbia


Person in Charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Dennis Swartz

Gloria Roper

Neisha Smith


Person in charge- Chris & Lisa Russell


Sarah Peters

Jeff Callon

Jamie Harris

Lorrissa Pennekamp

Carolyn Emery


Person in charge- Denny Mitchell

Gary Fletcher

Rob Muncy

Mike Beavers

Ruth Happle


Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Lisa- Exit 0

Janice- Exit 0

Josh Brown

Robyn Brown


Person in charge- Megan Helms

Host- Larry Mickle

Jennifer Helms

Marissa Crofford

Amanda Smith

Servers (food servers)

Person in charge- April Sharpe

Doris Swartz

Linda- Exit 0

Julie Bogard- Exit 0

Denny Bogard- Exit 0

Arrie Wheeler

Zharia Wheeler

David Burgest

Iyanna Burgest

Jennifer Kyser

Ja Messe McQueen

Montie Walton

Ashley Barbee


Person in charge- Shaun Taylor

Russell Maston

Food Plating

Person in charge- April Sharpe

Dana Fletcher

Bill Daniels

Kevin Paschal

Tonya Johnson

Rit Ressink

Todd Phillips

Ebony Abernathy



Person in charge- April Sharpe

Donna McAtee

Glenn McAtee

Care giver

Person in charge- April Sharpe


Person in Charge- Adrienne Barbee

Elliot Barbee

Andrew Reuss


Person in charge- Michael Bonacum (Doc) and Kim Battles

Benita Doom

Kayli Pommering




Person in charge- Travis Sharpe

Face painting/Nails

Myah Fletcher

Sarah Sharpe

Emily Mitchell

Danielle Mitchell

Food box giveaway

Kathy Kirkland

Beverly Nelson

Cotton candy

Joneta Botkin

Laura Forsythe


Kyle Matthewson

Sno cones

Linda Huff

Here are a few pictures from previous years.