Full Report from the Bristol, VA Resource Clinic

This past weekend we had the privilege of hosting our third resource clinic of this year. Our ministry partnered with several local churches in the area. The clinic was held at Community Baptist Church which is pastored by one of our board member’s, Todd Crusenberry. The meal for the day was provided and prepared by Joel Wray and his team from Soup for the Soul, a local ministry that has a mobile kitchen and serves meals.

Here is a full list of the results for the day:

Guests- 138
Volunteers- 113
Meals- 375
Salvations- 2
Re-dedications- 2
Birth certificates- 22
Reading glasses- 58
Clothing- 84
Bibles- 34
Haircuts- 43
Medical care- 18
Hygiene- 105
Face paint – 11

Narcan packs given – 45

Friday visitation

Friday several of our team spent all day on the streets of the community handing out flyers about the clinic on Saturday, praying, and witnessing.

Volunteer Meeting and Fellowship Dinner

Friday night Community Baptist Church was gracious enough to host a fellowship dinner for our team and volunteers. The Friday night before the clinic is our time to hold a meeting about the clinic set up, function and expectations for the next day. We are able to go over any questions or concerns that volunteers might have.

Great Preaching and Singing

At this clinic we were blessed to have The Sampson Family providing our worship and singing. Billy Sampson and his three daughters, Ashley, Sarah and Emily provided wonderful singing during the worship service. Billy’s son-in-law, Justin Williamson, preached the message to our guests. We are praising God for two salvation’s and two re-dedication’s.


One of the souls saved at the clinic was Randy. Here he is pictured with one of our team leaders, Denny Mitchell, our Board Chairman, Howard Dye and another guest. Randy was also blessed with a brand new lawn mower. Pray for Randy as he begins his new life in Christ.

Throughout the day we offered our free resources to all the guest. Clothing, birth certificates, personal hygiene, reading glasses, medical screenings, and Bibles were a blessing. Sometimes something as simple as checking a person’s vital signs can lead to them obtaining more vital medical help that they were unaware was even needed. The resources are intended to help with things they might be missing because of homelessness or poverty.

We want to thank all of the selfless volunteers, churches and organizations who made this great day possible. Without their help we couldn’t have pulled all this together.

Here are some other pictures from the clinic.


Giving children a fighting chance

I believe that no child should EVER have to live on the streets. But here in the Philippines, that’s the daily reality for thousands of children. Most of them have a family, or at least a partial family. Most of them have some sort of house to go to late at night. But it’s never a good situation.

Many of the children I have personally met are being raised by young parents who themselves were born and raised into a life of making their living on the streets. They might sell face cloths or help park cars. Some beg for money and others collect scrap plastic and cardboard to sell at the recycle shops.

They lack education and the resources necessary just to be healthy, much less enjoy a normal childhood. They get sick easily because of their living conditions and the younger children are eventually lured into drugs and crime by the older, wiser ones. Worse yet, many of the young girls are being sold over and over again as sex slaves. It’s like Satan has laid a perfect trap through poverty.

While I absolutely love ministering to these precious young souls, I am also thoroughly disgusted with the conditions that parents, authorities, and local government allow these vulnerable children to exist in.

Here’s how our team is giving underprivileged children a fighting chance.

Sharing the gospel

Without a doubt, the number one act of compassion that we can do for anyone is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Every time our ministry team goes out, they are aware that the the greatest need is salvation. That’s why everything we do is centered around the gospel.

Many children and adults also, are drawn to us because of the food or the clothes or maybe just the love that our team gives. But those things are just the beginning. Behind every other compassionate act is our desire to explain that we are all sinners in need of a Savior. Our team members hand out gospel tracts, preach, and have one-on-one conversations. Every year dozens of children hear about Christ for the first time because of their efforts.

Serving nutritious meals

Three times per week our team hits the streets with meals. That’s the outreach part of the ministry where we give food to current clients and also seek to meet new ones. Two times each week we bring children to our rescue center for a sit-down meal.

If we had more funding, and more team members, we could provide meals every day of the week. But for now, we are serving when we can and our meals help to supplement what little bit of food they get during the week. Sister Merliza, who is in charge of the meals, always tries to make each meal nutritious so that it nourishes them as much as possible.

Providing showers and clean clothing

Every Tuesday and Thursday when children come to our rescue center, they are given personal hygiene products, a clean towel and clean clothes. We have four showers for them to use. These aren’t traditional showers like we have in the states, rather they are simple rooms with buckets of clean water and a dipping pail.

This type of bathing is what is common here and it doesn’t scare the kids. We have brought streets kids to our home before and they were literally scared to death of a regular shower that rained down water from above.

Some of the clothing and hygiene items are shipped from the states and some of it is purchased here locally. Last night I met a little boy about ten years old who had on nothing but an old pair of shorts and a dirty t-shirt that was about four sizes to big for him. A bath and clean clothes sure does go a long way!

Motherly love

We have four mothers who work in our rescue center and street ministry team. Merliza, Jovelyn, Melanie and Rama work hard every week to not only help with the physical needs of the children, but also to provide the motherly love that is usually missing.

They are able to guide and mentor with that special kind of love and intuition that only a mother has. They know when to comfort and they know when to discipline. They know when a hug is in order and they know when a stern talking to is important.

Medical care

Our team members always carry backpacks with first-aid supplies. When they encounter a child who has a would or some other type of problem, they are quick to assess the situation and apply the proper care.

There have been many instances when the situation was severe and the child needed professional medical attention. In those cases, we coordinate with local health offices, hospitals, or doctors and take the necessary steps needed to protect the child from further complications.

We have helped kids with tuberculosis, pneumonia, bacterial infections, open wounds and more. Over the years, several lives have been saved due to the quick action of our team.

In conclusion

Our team is not perfect, and we want to do much more than we are currently capable of. These children need love and protection twenty four hours a day. We fully realize that in order to see the results we long for, much more will need to be done. We will need to address their home life and education especially.

But one thing’s for sure, we are in the fight with them. Trying our best to give them a fighting chance!

I’m asking you to join us by becoming a monthly sponsor. For $25 or $50 per month, you can have a part in rescuing these children from their sad reality. Please consider your part today.

Click here for more information. You can also contact Tara at our office at 256-737-0112 ext. 180.

2020 Winter Revival for the Unsheltered

 Winter Revival for the Unsheltered 2020

New Orleans, LA




We are excited to announce a special mission trip again to New Orleans, LA February 1-6 2020. Once again we will partner with Pastor Terry Rodgers to reach the homeless community with the gospel. This unique mission trip opportunity will be unforgettable in many ways. You don’t want to miss it!

We will be having a special three day revival that is specifically for the people of New Orleans who are living on the streets and in the missions. We hope to encourage them with powerful singing and preaching each day. There will also be organized opportunities for everyone to minister out on the streets and under the bridges as we invite people to the revival and provide for their basic needs.

Pastor Clemon Chapell from Sunrise Baptist Church in Gary, IN will be preaching and there will be special music during the services! You don’t want to miss out on this wonderful Spirit-filled time!

The cost of the trip is $425 per person and there are only 30 spots available. The cost will cover your lodging and most of your meals. You will still have opportunities to have some meals on your own in New Orleans!

A few more details

  • You are responsible for getting to New Orleans and your transportation when you are there.
  • All of your lodging and most of you meals are covered with the price of the trip.
  • Children under 18 are welcome but they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • A $75 non-refundable deposit is due by September 30th to hold your spot. Remaining balance is due by January 3rd.
  • Our lodging will be at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary dormitories. You need to bring twin size bedding, towels and all toiletries.

How to register

To register, email Tara Philyaw at tara@unsheltered.org. Send your name, date of birth, address, phone number, home church and pastor’s name.

Payment information

Important: space is very limited so sign up today!

Trip cost: $425

$75 non-refundable deposit is needed to hold your spot.

Balance is due by January 3rd.


To pay by check, make check payable to Unsheltered International and mail to:

Unsheltered International

NOLA mission trip

PO Box 2625

Cullman, AL 2625

To pay now online:

Click here to pay deposit now.


Click here to pay any amount now


Below is the preliminary schedule:

Saturday Feb 1
  • Groups arrive at various times
  • 6 pm Pizza and group meeting in the evening. This will be in the fellowship building attached to the dorms where we are staying . We will have introductions and cover over our plan for the week.
Sunday Feb 2
  • 7:45 arrive at Terrytown Family Baptist Church
  • 8 am- Breakfast for group and all guests at Terrytown Family Baptist Church. (provided by TFBC)
  • 9 am- Kickoff service at Terrytown Family Baptist Church
  • Lunch after service (provided by UI)
  • Free after lunch, no more activities for the day. This, and Thursday afternoon are your only free times to see the city, eat out, etc.)
Monday Feb 3
  • 7:30-8:30 am continental breakfast in fellowship hall by dorms.
  • 10 am- Meet at Shiloh Christian Fellowship to set up sound equipment and see the facilities.
  • After we are done at the church we will hit the streets for homeless outreach. We will split into groups and go out to pass out snack bags and invite people to the revival which will start the next day.
  • We will provide items for a bag lunch. Make your lunch when you eat breakfast.
  • 6 pm- Dinner for group at Grace Baptist Church with special message by Pastor Shannon Foote.
Tuesday Feb 4
  • 7:45 am- Arrive at Shiloh
  • 9 am- Breakfast at Shiloh for group and all guests.  (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources for group and all guests (provided by UI)
  • Homeless outreach after lunch and ministry in French Quarter
  • 7 pm- Dinner for group at fellowship hall by dorms (provided by UI)
Wednesday Feb 5
  • 7:45 am- Arrive at Shiloh
  • 9 am- Breakfast at Shiloh for group and all guests.  (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources (provided by UI)
  • Homeless outreach after lunch
  • 7 pm Dinner and chapel service at fellowship hall by dorms
Thursday Feb 6
  • 7:45 am- Arrive at Shiloh
  • 9 am- Breakfast at Shiloh for group and all guests.  (provided by UI)
  • Revival service immediately after breakfast (around 10 or whenever finished with breakfast)
  • Resources available after the service
  • Lunch after the resources (provided by UI)
  • Everyone is free after cleanup following lunch
  • No dinner provided Thursday night


Our team lodging will be at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

This is a beautiful campus that is safe and secure. They have their own police force and security force and it is a retreat in the middle of the city. Our entire group will be in the Nelson Price dormitory.



The revival services will be held at Shiloh Christian Fellowship.

They are opening up their facilities for us to use and we appreciate their partnership very much. This church is located in a great area for our revival. It is a short van ride or walk for the unsheltered.




For more information email Tara Philyaw at tara@unsheltered.org.


Pictures from the 2019 trip











Additional pictures from our ministry trips to New Orleans


We look forward to partnering with you!

BBQ Fundraiser & Cake Auction




Hey everyone, we are planning a fun party at our warehouse and you are invited!

Here are the details:

What: BBQ Fundraiser & Cake Auction

When: Saturday July 20 beginning at 5pm

Where: Unsheltered International Warehouse, 479 County Road 821 Cullman, AL 35057

How to give: We will have a bucket that you can drop in your donation of any amount (you don’t have to give to come). If you write a check, make it to Unsheltered International. There will also be a fun “live” auction of desserts like cakes and pies. (We did this once before and it was the highlight of the whole thing!) If you are out of town and want to contribute, you can use this link to do so online, or you can mail in your gift to: Unsheltered International PO Box 2625 Cullman, AL 35056.

If you would like to donate a baked item for our auction please contact Tara at tara@unsheltered.org or call our office at 256-737-0112, ext. 180.

Above all, please pray for our family, the ministry that God has entrusted to us, and those to who we preach and help.

Hope to see you there!

God is Growing us!!

Unsheltered International just keeps growing. Three new board members have recently been added to our team. We have prayed for several years that the Lord would send the right people to join our ministry to help us grow. And he has! Please help us welcome to the team:

Dan Baity


Dan served as a Youth worker for over 20 years at Franklin Missionary Baptist Church in Darlington, MD. He enjoyed every moment of it and every aspect of it. From time to time, he and his wife Shirley would serve at the Baltimore Rescue Mission and their heart got pulled towards working in a street ministry of some sort, but did not have clear direction.

Then one fine Spring day they joined with the Unsheltered International Team in Coatesville, PA as they were conducting a Resource Clinic. He and Shirley saw the positive impact the Resource Clinic was having on the community. “We got to know Travis and the Unsheltered International Team a little better and felt lead to join their efforts as best we could,” Dan says. “We made Travis and the Unsheltered International Team objects of prayer. Little did we know they were praying for us as well! I am truly humbled to be asked to join this team on a more official basis and look forward  to serving for years to come.”

Currently Dan and Shirley attend services at Emmorton Baptist Church in Bel Air, MD. They have three children and six Grandchildren.

Email: baity91@zoominternet.net


Johnny Rockefellar

Johnny and Jennifer Rockefellar live in the Harlem, GA area and are active members of Old Union Baptist Church where Johnny has been serving as an interim pastor. They have joyfully supported Unsheltered Internationally for many years and have participated in resource clinics and two trips to the Philippines. Johnny works with a local company in Augusta, GA and devotes much of his free time to serving in his church, preaching and mission trips.

Johnny’s Email: johnnyrock1@comcast.net


Mike Gurley

Mike and Leanne Gurley have supported Unsheltered International for many years. They have given to help the ministry in many different facets including mission trips and fundraisers. Mike owns a small business and they make their home in Harlem, GA and are members of Kiokee Baptist Church in Appling, GA.

Mike’s Email: mikegurley@aol.com


We are praising God for his provision in our ministry and for these men of God he has sent to work along side us for his Glory.

Full Report from the 2019 NOLA Revival

This past week we had the privilege to host our second winter revival for the unsheltered in New Orleans, LA. We had a great team of thirty three people who came from out of town and the Lord blessed in many unique ways.

There’s no way to fully express all the blessings and special things that God did throughout the week, but I want to share some highlights with you. Let’s start with the numbers.

A total of 242 guests come to the revival meetings. 186 of them were men and 56 were women.

  • 170 people received clothing.
  • 746 meals were served.
  • 195 people received hygiene products.
  • 77 people got haircuts.
  • 72 people received a new Bible.
  • 5 people received Christ as their Savior.
  • 600 + snacks bags were given away on the streets.
  • Several blankets, tents, jackets, etc were given.

Powerful preaching and testimonies

Our guest preacher was brother Clemon Chappell from Sunrise Baptist Church in Gary, IN. Clemon preached during all three services and did a fantastic job. Also preaching was Patrick Feistel, Terry Rodgers and Shannon Foote.

We also heard great testimonies from Tim Barbee and Howard Dye. Bothe of them are Unsheltered team members and they shared about how God lifted them from homelessness and drug abuse.

Visiting on the streets

Throughout the week. we split into four teams and hit the streets. During these times of visitation, we passed out snack bags and invited everyone we could to the revival services. This is always one of the most exciting parts of the trip.

Unusual spirit of prayer

During two of the revival meetings, we were blessed to really sense the presence of the Lord. I gave the invitation and dozens of people flooded the alters. Men and women were praying for God to help them in various ways. There is no doubt that many victories were won on the altars during these times.

The revival spilled over

One of the greatest testimonies came from a man named Keith. He came to the revival all week and on the last day he shared some great news. He told us that on Wednesday evening at the New Orleans Mission, twenty two people received Christ as their Savior. Then he told us that many of those people had been attending our revival. It just spilled over at the Mission.

You can watch a short video clip about this here.

Over and above

Several of our team went above the call of duty during the week. Some spent long hours, walking miles and miles to find people and invite them to the revival. Some went into the darkness of abandoned buildings. Some gave away their own Bibles to strangers. The picture below is the gentleman that Pat Feistel gave his Bible to.

I could go on and on about how hard our team worked and how much God did. But I will just tell you that God showed himself mighty all week long!

Thanks to everyone who prayed and worked on this event!

Ministry Update 2-1-19

This week has been a busy one! We have been getting everything ready for our big winter revival for the unsheltered in New Orleans that will begin this Sunday morning. I am so thankful for the great facility that God has given us to work in here at our new warehouse in Cullman, AL.

We have been loading the trailers and thanks to the new warehouse, we have a heated space to do that in.

Please pray for our team of thirty five people as we descend upon New Orleans next week. Our emphasis will be preaching and encouraging the people on the streets to come to Christ. What some people may not realize is that many homeless people are Christians. They are struggling to make ends meet and are in desperate need for fellowship, instruction and encouragement. We plan to provide as much of that as we can in order to strengthen our brothers and sisters as well as throw the lifeline to those who are not yet believers.

One way that you can help us is to pray for our upcoming Facebook Live Fundraiser that we are having on Thursday March, 7th. This is our push to raise as much money as we can to help keep everything operating, keep our trucks rolling and keep preaching the gospel. Simply stated, we need all of our supporters to be super generous and help us next month to reach, or even exceed our goal of $30,000.00.

This year, my mom, Suzie Greene has joined with us to make phone calls telling about the fundraiser and soliciting support. Her goal is to get pledges before the March fundraiser happens. Mom worked with me for many years in Augusta, GA at the Garden City Rescue Mission and she is a true servant of the Lord.

In the last couple of years, mom has not been able to do much because she has been caring for my step-dad who has Alzheimers. They have had a very difficult time to say the least. But mom is a warrior. She is excited to be able to work with us on the fundraiser and do her part to serve. Please pray for her as she makes the calls and talks about our ministry to current and potential supporters. And if you see a Florida number on your caller ID, be sure to answer and encourage her! Here is a picture of mom and my step-dad Ray.

If you would like mom to call and speak with you personally, just reply to this email with you phone number and I will have her get in touch. Last year, several people made very large, sacrificial gifts to the ministry and we were so appreciative of that. Several people also gave $25 or $50 gifts. Every gift, no matter how large or small is a blessing and they enable us to help more and more people come to know Christ.

Thank you in advance for your gift and if you would like to learn more about the fundraiser, just click right here.



Travis Sharpe

Ministry Update 2-28-18

We were very blessed to be at Countryside Baptist Church in Guyton, GA this past Sunday. I preached in the morning service and then, before the evening service we had a delicious fish fry. Howard Dye of Dye’s Southern Catering came and catered the fish fry and everyone commented on how great the food was.

After dinner I gave a ministry presentation and they received a very generous offering for Unsheltered. We are always grateful when we have an opportunity like this one!

Announcement about our Facebook live fundraiser

I’m thrilled to tell you that two churches have offered matching funds for our Facebook live fundraiser that is quickly approaching. Our home church, Temple Baptist in Cullman, AL and Bel-Air Baptist in Augusta, GA are both giving dollar-for-dollar up to $1000.

S the first $1000 that is raised during the live broadcast will be doubled as will the second $1000. I am very grateful for these two generous offers that will no doubt help us reach our goal of $10,000!

All the details you need to know about how to watch and give to this fundraiser are below.


Here are the details

  • The date and time is- Thursday, March 8th, from 7-9 EST.
  • It will be a Facebook live video broadcast from our board of directors meeting in Pigeon Forge, TN
  • It will be on Travis’s Facebook page
  • Travis and April will be the hosts. Several of our team will be contributing with some “on-air” time.
  • We plan to tell some exciting stories from the mission field, give lots of updates and even answer questions from viewers.
  • Our goal is to raise $10,000.



  • Call in with your card- the phone numbers will be on the on screen
  • Text- “GIVE” to 256-579-1571
  • Go to our website- unsheltered.org
  • Comment with your pledge


Of course, since we are a 501(c)3 faith based organization, we depend upon donations for our operations. This event will be critical to our first two quarters success in 2018 and I hope you will partner with us in that success.

We are depending upon our partners to pray, share and give for this event! We will have more details coming soon!

All About the Facebook Live Fundraiser

Hey there,

I wanted to let you know that preparations for our first ever, live fundraiser are coming along great and our team is getting excited (not to mention a little nervous also).

Today, I have some details to share with you about the fundraiser.

  • The date and time is- Thursday, March 8th, from 7-9 EST.
  • It will be a Facebook live video broadcast from our board of directors meeting in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  • It will be on Travis’s Facebook page.
  • Travis and April will be the hosts. Several of our team will be contributing with some “on-air” time.
  • We plan to tell some exciting stories from the mission field, give lots of updates and even answer questions from viewers.
  • Our goal is to raise $10,000.

Of course, since we are a 501(c)3 faith based organization, we depend upon donations for our operations. This event will be critical to our first two quarters success in 2018 and I hope you will partner with us in that success.

We are depending upon our partners to pray, share and give for this event! We will have more details coming soon!

Full Report from New Orleans Mission Trip

We are so thankful for the Lord’s goodness this past week as our team and ministry partners shared God’s Word in New Orleans. It truly was a unique mission trip and we witnessed God do several great things.

Here are just a few of the ways God blessed during the week.

  • The attendance of our revival was phenomenal. We had 234 in the services and God allowed us to minister to hundreds more out on the streets.
  • 13 people trusted Christ as their Savior.
  • Our food team, headed up by Howard Dye, served over 860 delicious meals.
  • 70 people received haircuts.
  • 915 care packages and snack bags were given away.
  • 153 people received clothing.
  • 200 backpacks with fleece blankets, gloves and hats were given away.
  • 30 hoodies and 5 coats were given away.
  • 24 pairs of boots were given away.
  • 14 people received new tents and 7 bed rolls were given.
  • 2 men were enrolled in treatment programs.

The entire worth of all goods and services given comes to a total of $27,515! But that number is nothing compared to the worth of the precious souls who were saved.

There are a few people we want to thank for making this week great.

The Sampson family did a great job of organizing the mission team, running the revival services and working hard to make sure everyone had what they needed.

Paul Stensrud and his ministry, Exit 0, was a tremendous blessing with the supplies they brought and their tireless work out on the streets. Many of the supplies we gave out were brought and donated by Paul.

The local Pastors and Churches were great hosts and they have a huge heart for their city. They are such a blessing to work with!

Howard and Debbie Dye did a fantastic job organizing all the meals and making sure the food was delicious.

All of the participants on the mission team worked extremely hard and that made the week such a blessing.

Of course, we are grateful for all of our partners who gave to make the week possible.

Here are some pictures from the week. Visit our Facebook page for lots more!

Mark your calendar!

Fellowship Day March 9th

You are invited to our 2018 fellowship day that will be held in Pigeon Forge, TN on Friday, March 9th. This is a time for us to gather with our volunteers and partners (supporters) to say thank you and enjoy an afternoon and evening of food, fun and fellowship.

Last year was super fun and everyone had a good time relaxing and getting to know one another. This fellowship day is open to anyone who loves Unsheltered International. It’s completely free and all we ask is that you RSVP by replying to this email.

Facebook Live Fundraiser March 8th

On Thursday, March 8th, we are going to have a special two-hour live fundraising event. This is going to be a time where we come to you live and give tons of ministry updates and share our burden for the lost with our partners. We are asking God to do something BIG for us on that day and we are asking you to begin praying with us for a great harvest. Watch for more information in the coming days on this exciting event and learn more about it here.