Disaster Relief

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Our disaster relief ministry started abruptly on April 27, 2011 when a powerful ef-4 tornado ripped through our hometown of Cullman, AL. The very next morning our staff, and dozens of members from Temple Baptist Church, sprang into action.

We worked for two straight weeks. During that time we cooked and served over 50,000 hot meals, organized a household goods and food pantry that assisted over 700 families, and coordinated hundreds of volunteers.

We all felt that the Lord was leading us to include that type of ministry to what we were already doing with the homeless. Since then, our disaster relief efforts have taken us to many other states.

Here are some of the ways we minister during times of disaster:

Providing Meals

226990_1779484858494_5697053_n copyMany times power is lost for several days and preparing meals as normal just cannot be done. We utilize whatever resources we have available in order to prepare and serve meals to victims of the disaster as well as the many emergency personnel and volunteers who are working tirelessly to help.

We have a few grills and many supplies that are always ready at our warehouse to be brought in for use in preparing meals. We have also prepared menus and have the ability to order from national food service providers if needed.

It has been our experience that after the first few days of a disaster, donations of food and supplies become available for use in preparing meals as well. When these donations begin to arrive, we use “whatever we get” to prepare meals and distribute them to the community.

Emergency Shelter

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When necessary, we assist in setting up and running emergency shelter. This is generally done at a church that wants to open it’s doorsand serve their community in this way. We can help turn Sunday school rooms or just about any other area of a church into temporary sleeping accommodations.

Since Travis was the director of the Garden City Rescue Mission in Augusta, GA for eight years, he has extensive knowledge about what it takes to set up and operate emergency shelter. He has developed policies and procedures that can be adapted to virtually any setting and any church. He also uses a computer program that keeps track of the overnight guests and allows efficient check in and check out.

Supply Delivery

222829_1779482218428_5839945_n copySupply delivery is just that! Delivering the needed supplies to the affected areas for the people on the ground to utilize in the relief efforts. We keep some supplies in our warehouse. Also, we can serve as a drop off point for people that want to donate goods. When a load is collected, we simply deliver it where it needs to go.


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