There are many ways to volunteer through Unsheltered International. Here are a few opportunities.

Volunteer at a resource clinic

Resource clinics are one day events that we do in conjunction with churches to minister to the homeless in a particular city. During a resource clinic we serve meals, cut hair, make resumes, help people apply for a copy of their birth certificate, and much more.

We are in need of barbers, doctors, nurses and optometrists. You would travel to the resource clinic destination and help by offering your services during the event free of charge to the needy.

Volunteer for disaster relief

When we respond to disaster stricken areas, help is often needed. Here are a few ways to help.

  • cooking and serving meals
  • Pastors and experienced lay persons are needed to provide spiritual care and evangelism to victims and our staff and volunteers
  • Drivers are needed to deliver supplies. If you have a truck and or trailer, you could be very valuable in helping us get needed supplies to sustain our operation or support our partners
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