Resource Clinics

What is a Resource Clinic?

They are one-day events that we put on to truly bring hope and help to the homeless. The events usually last from 4-6 hours and during that time our team and volunteers work hard to provide critical resources that people experiencing homelessness need. We also serve a meal and have a lot of fellowship…..right out on the streets where people live!

Our team strives to make each Resource Clinic a great event. Each guest is treated with dignity and respect. We spend a lot of time so it is never a rushed feeling of simply doing our “duty”.

Many times we will incorporate Street Meetings in with our Resource Clinics. Street meetings are outdoor revivals with singing and preaching that is aimed both at the homeless as well as other people who live in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Watch our promotional video of a resource clinic here.

What Resources are Provided?

  • Hot meals
  • Resumes
  • Birth certificate
  • Reading glasses
  • Haircuts
  • Gospel preaching
  • Prayer and counseling
  • Emergency contact cards
  • Bibles and health literature

Where are They Done?

Normally these events are done in conjunction with a local church or homeless ministry. We have held resource clinics in Alabama, Indiana, and Georgia. We are growing and looking for churches who want to conduct resources clinics in their city. We simply try to find The church we work with is responsible for the bulk of the follow up ministry.

Who Can Help?

Resource clinics are one of the main things we need volunteers for. In fact, they are impossible to accomplish with energetic volunteers! Usually the host church provides most of the volunteers but there is generally room for another church group as well. There is always room for individuals who want to volunteer for the day.

We are always looking for doctors, barbers, optometrists, and nurses that can volunteer their time and services.