Ministry Update 10-28-20

The Lord has been blessing on all fronts here at Unsheltered International and we wanted to give you an update. Our team in the Philippines has been hard at work serving underprivileged children in the meal centers and serving the many unsheltered children and adults who live on the streets of Bacolod City.

Meal Centers

In the last couple of months, they have served over 2,800 meals in the various meal centers that we operate. We are so grateful for Pastor Antonio Ner, Pastor Raul Remada, and Pastor Jezer Manguilimutan who lead the various meal centers and operate them through their local churches.

Street Ministry

The street outreach ministry in Bacolod City is led by Merliza Ner who has an unwavering love for the many vulnerable people they visit each week. Even in the difficulty of a pandemic, the team has been faithful to share God’s love with everyone they come in contact with. Sometimes it is heartbreaking for them because they don’t see the immediate results they hope for, but even then, they serve with continued hope and optimism.

The Village at Unsheltered International

Our work on the tiny-home village land is continuing to happen. Last week we cleared a little more land as we dodged the wet weather.

God has blessed us with a local surveying company who has agreed to do the survey work at no charge. This will be a tremendous savings for us and they she be getting started any day now. Once the survey work is done, we can begin to work with the engineers on the design of the village!

We also received our brand new brochures detailing the tiny-home village project this week and are in the process of getting them mailed out now.

Thank you for your prayers and support as our teams continue to serve!

Big News Today!

Today was a monumental day for us here at Unsheltered International.

After locating 17 acres of property for our tiny-home village, and having the Lord supply the needed funds in only 14 days, this morning we were able to close the deal!




I want to thank everyone who donated toward the first step of this important project. God used you to make the land purchase happen quickly and in a manner that we can truly say “God did that!”

The next steps

Now that we own the property, the real work begins. We need to get some equipment in and start clearing out underbrush and small trees. The property is completely wooded so we need this done in order for the surveyors to be able to get in and do a topographical survey of the land.

This survey will then be used by a civil engineer as we lay out the master site plan. We hope to eventually have all of our offices and everything located on this property so a master site plan will aid us in making sure we are utilizing the property to it’s fullest potential.

Once the clearing, survey, and site plan are complete, we will be free to move on with infrastructure work and construction.

What to pray for now

At this point, we need to pray for a few things specifically.

1. That God would give us favor with a civil engineer or engineering firm who would donate their time to create the master site plan.
2. That God would give us wisdom as we proceed.
3. That God would continue to provide the needed funds to move through the necessary steps.

Thank you for following what God is doing here in Cullman, AL through our ministry. We need your prayers now more than ever!

News article about Unsheltered’s Village

We are so excited about how the Lord is moving in our mission to build a tiny home village for the homeless here in Cullman,  Alabama.

I wanted to share this really great news article that our local paper did yesterday about our project. We are set to close on the 17 acres of land in the next couple of weeks so please pray that will go through with no issues.

Ministry Update 8-27-20

So much has happened with our village project in the last eight days that it’s been difficult to keep up with it all. We have seen the Lord bless in an abundant fashion as his people have exercised great faith and generosity.

As you may know by now, we located a 17 acre tract of land and began to pursue it for the future home of the village. The price of the land is $60,000. Eight days ago we had no money whatsoever, but we took a step of faith and began to pursue the property and the funds needed to purchase it.

Since then, God has provided $46,310. We went ahead and made our offer on the land and it has been accepted, contingent upon us raising the remaining $13,690. There are a couple other contingencies, such as a perc test for the septic systems but we expect that to be fine.

We have signed the contract for the property and we now have 30 days to raise the additional funds. Of course, this will only purchase the property. There will be additional expenses once we begin to clear it and build the first four homes.

To say we are excited would be an understatement. The Lord is teaching us what he can do as we walk by faith and trust him. We are moving forward as if we already have the remaining funds in hand, trusting his provision.

We have a page on our website that is now dedicated to this project and we are keeping it updated as best as possible. There is also a donation link there if you would like to donate. You can also reply to this email and I will be able to email you back directly if you want more information or would like to talk to me about a special gift for the project.

Click here to visit the page on our website about the tiny-home village.

Click here to go directly to the donate section.

Of course, if you would rather mail in your gift, our PO box is listed below in the footer of this email.

I am beyond grateful for all of the generous gifts in the last eight days. Prayerfully, we will have what we need in the next few days. Please join us in prayer as we are seeking to give a home to people who are in desperate need.

Ministry Update 8-21-20

The Lord sure has been blessing in the past week or so. On Monday evening, we had a special conference call with our board of directors about the dream of building a tiny-home village here in Cullman, AL. There is not a place for homeless men or families to go in this county. The closest place is thirty miles away.

What came out of that meeting was great because we were finally able to free up room in our yearly budget to get the tiny-home project started. We were able to allocate a little over $12,000 to establish a land fund. Then, on Thursday afternoon, a generous donor gave us another $6,000. That puts our total to just over $18,000.

We have also identified a 17 acre tract of land that we decided to pursue for the project. I had looked at this same land a few months ago, but it was part of a bigger piece of property and the owners were unwilling to separate it. Now however, they have decided to sell this portion by itself. The price for the land is $60,000. That puts us only $42,000 away from making the purchase. Of course, there may be other fees associated with the purchase such as closing costs, perc tests, and so on. But we are closer than we have ever been.

Here’s how I would like you to pray. I’d like to make an offer on this property in the next few days so it doesn’t slip away from us. It’s our desire to pay cash and not have to finance anything. Please pray for wisdom in this and also for God’s quick provision. After we do make an offer and give them some earnest money, we will only have a few short days to raise the remaining $42,000.

I believe whole-heartedly that God, through his people, will supply for this need as He sees necessary. Help us pray that if this is God’s will, the door will be opened to us and that no man can shut it!

We have a single mother in a hotel right now whom we have been helping for two months now. Every place she has tried to rent has fallen through. There’s simply a shortage of affordable housing so we have been keeping her in a cheap motel. She works two jobs and even with that effort, is hitting wall after wall. The village would be a tremendous blessing for someone like her because it would be a quiet, peaceful place to call home while she was in this transition period. In the mean time, please pray for doors to open for her to get out of the motel.

To see the complete Tiny Home Village plan visit the web page here.

To make a donation towards this project click here.

Thanks so much for praying and helping us with this important project!

Matching Challenge Met!!

I’m so excited that I wanted to write to you today and tell you some GREAT news.

Yesterday we sent out an email asking for matching funds donors who would match donations from our new friends at My Daily Armor Ministries to help us send $1,000 to purchase food for the needy families we are serving in the Philippines during our relief efforts. Well, God has blessed us with two separate donors who have given $250 for that! That means $500 was given for this and My Daily Armor Ministries will give us $500 to match it.

We will forward the money on to our team and they will purchase what they need most at this time. Already, we have distributed hundreds of food bags and helped hundreds of suffering families. It’s so great to know that we are making a real, tangible difference.

What an answer to prayer! Praise the Lord for the matching funds that were offered and for the people who met the match. We could not minister without the faithful prayers and support of our donors!


Matching Funds Opportunity

God has blessed us with another great opportunity to bring some much needed relief to our friends in the Philippines who are still struggling with COVID-related shortages of work and food.

This offer is coming from our new friends at My Daily Armor Ministries and is a very generous way to help us be able to send $1,000 to purchase food for the needy families we are serving. If we can raise $500 for this, they will give us $500 to match it.

We will forward the money on to our team and they will purchase what they need most at the time. Already, we have distributed hundreds of food bags and helped hundreds of suffering families. It’s so great to know that we are making a real, tangible difference.

The best part is that more than two hundred people have made public professions for Christ as a direct result of this relief effort. It seems as though every time we equip our team to go, God blesses with people getting saved.

Please pray for this effort and if God impresses it upon your heart to give, you can donate here. You can specify “COVID RELIEF” in the special instructions section.

Matching Funds Request

You may have already heard about our fundraiser that is fast approaching on July 18th. It’s going to be a fun get together with some of our local supporters and a few out of town guests as well. We will be having a BBQ dinner with delicious BBQ provided by Johnny’s BBQ here in Cullman and a cake auction to follow.

Last year we had a TON of fun. The auction is always exciting and everyone goes NUTS for the delicious home-made desserts. Lana is bringing her delicious carrot cake, April will be bringing her famous cream cheese rolls, and hopefully, Ms. Jane will make a Hershey cake again this year!

Prayerfully, there will be lots of people here this time and they will fight for the cakes again!

Here’s where we need a boost. We are asking the Lord to provide a business, a church, or even a couple families who would make some matching funds available to us for this fundraiser. Maybe you are the answer to our prayer?

We are seeking someone who would lets say, match dollar-for-dollar the first $1000 that is given at the fundraiser. With a generous matching funds challenge or two, the money we raise on the 18th could be easily doubled.

So far this year, we have provided over $10,000 worth of help to needy people right here in Cullman, AL. We have also provided for over 600 individual (extremely needy) children through our Philippines ministry. The more we help, the more God seems to give through us!

If you are interested in becoming a matching funds donor for this event, please reply to this email or call our office at 256-737-0112 ext 180. Just ask for Tara and she can give you all the details. Most of all, please pray with us that God will bless all our ministries and that He will get the glory.

P.S. This year, the BBQ and cake auction will be in the gym at Temple Baptist Church. The address is 30 County Rd. 1184 Cullman, AL 35057. The meal will begin at 5 pm and the auction is after that.


Ministry Update 7-1-20

For most of us, a hotel room is a resource we use while traveling for work  or vacation. It’s an extra, something we only need once in a while. Our real residence is back home where our family and all of our stuff is.

Sadly, that’s not the case for some. There are people like Marina, a lady we are currently ministering to. She has called a motel room home since May. She is in her late forties and has two teenage children. Her $8 per hour job is only enough to buy food and a few nights per month at the hotel.

We were called a few weeks ago by a concerned employee at the hotel to see if we could step in and help. When Tara met Marina she found a lady who was genuinely struggling to make ends meet. She doesn’t use drugs or alcohol. She isn’t wasting away her paycheck. She found herself in a bad relationship last year and had to move for her and her kids protection.

We have helped to fill the gap for her by paying for the hotel room over the last few weeks as well as providing some food and other items. Tara has also been counseling with her and guiding her through the process of finding a new home. That however, is not an easy chore. Many of the apartment complexes are not taking in new residents due to Covid-19. Many others are simply out of her price range. Another factor is that she needs to be in town within walking distance of where she works.

Adding all of these challenges up can be very discouraging for someone who is fighting for their life and family. That’s why our ministry is so important. We fill in the gaps when there is no one else to help. Often times we are the only thing standing between utter hopelessness and a ray of light.

We need you to help us pray that God will move in Marina’s situation. It’s going to take him opening a few new doors of opportunity for things to work out in her favor. Pray for a better job, an affordable place to live, and most of all for her spiritual needs to be met.

There are many others like Marina that we assist every week. People who are on their last leg of hope and are reaching out for something, anything that can make a difference. We understand the only real and lasting difference is the gospel. However, a hotel room and a whole lot of compassion can go a long way in bridging the gap and showing that the Lord really does care for them and love them.

Thanks for reading and praying!

If you would like to help Marina, and others like her, you can make a contribution here.


Plans have been made for our annual BBQ fundraiser and cake auction. Make sure to save the date for this fun event.

Here are the details:

What: BBQ Fundraiser & Cake Auction

When: Saturday July 18, 2020 beginning at 5pm

Where: Temple Baptist Cullman Gym

How to give: We will have a bucket that you can drop in your donation of any amount (you don’t have to give to come). If you write a check, make it to Unsheltered International. There will also be a fun “live” auction of desserts like cakes and pies. (We’ve done this every year and it is the highlight of the whole thing!) If you are out of town and want to contribute, you can use this link to do so online, or you can mail in your gift to: Unsheltered International PO Box 2625 Cullman, AL 35056.

Above all, please pray for our family, the ministry that God has entrusted to us, and those to who we preach and help.