Homeless ministry training and info session

Tomorrow evening we will be at Temple Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. We will meet at 6:30 in the Rock (the small building).

We will be getting everyone prepared for our Saturday resource clinic in Birmingham. This will be an evening mixed with some training, question and answers, and a lot of instructions.

You don’t have to be signed up for Saturday to come get the information on Thursday. You are welcome to come Thursday even if you just want more information about what we do in the homeless ministry.

The church is located at 30 County Road 1184 Cullman, AL 35057. You can call Travis for more information at 1-877-277-5838.

Hope to see you there!


Gary, IN Resource Clinic’s 2012

All I can say is Praise God! We were so blessed last week in Gary, IN to have over 50 volunteers on Wednesday and Thursday for our two resource clinics. We had pastors, church groups, individuals, and married couples as well. Two groups came from as far away as Bristol, VA and one lady even came from PA to help out.

These volunteers cooked, served meals, cut hair, wrote resumes, served as hosts, and so much more!

Below is Pastor Todd Crusenberry as he ministers to some of our guests.

Here is Evangelist Kenny Marr with his son Gabriel. They were the grill masters!

What was unique about this event is that we had so many quality people from different places. We even had a nurse who helped by giving free blood pressure checks.

There were at least four pastors there the entire time as well. This really helped out our witnessing and soul winning efforts. Many were prayed for and encouraged.

Brother Kenny was able to lead a you man named Joseph to the Lord just before taking down the tent on Thursday afternoon.

I am extremely proud of everyone that helped and thankful for their volunteer spirit. Unsheltered International is a great ministry because of those who volunteer and support our programs. With your help we are making a difference in the lives of the homeless in many places.

Report from New Orleans

Hurricane Isaac Tore through New Orleans 7 days from the anniversary of the hurricane that all but destroyed the city 7 years earlier.

Although this particular time the damage was not as severe, the winds still blew swiftly and 16 inches of rain poured down in a city who still remains in repair from the last disaster.

People who had lost their homes in Katrina still reserve spots under over passes, in plain sight. Some left the city completely, leaving the rebuilding to others, and some seem to just lay in despair and displacement.

However, in the 7th ward of New Orleans, off Bienville St. at the Cosmopolitan Evangelistic Baptist Church, there is a ray of Hope.

We found a faithful congregation that is determined to serve the Lord regardless of hardships.

This weekend Unsheltered International and a team of volunteers were invited to come and help reach out to a community still shaken over hurricane Isaac.

With over 400,000 people without power for several days, and flooding in some areas as well, it was a very hard couple weeks.

The first day for us started early as our group of volunteers devoted their time to cooking, and serving meals under an over pass in the middle of New Orleans.

Many tears were shed as the realization of God’s mercy was shown through these simple meals.

We spent the evening at the New Orleans Mission. I was blessed to preach in the chapel in service. During the invitation Tim led one man to Christ.

After chapel our group served up a meal to over a hundred hungry guests.

Over 1000 hotdogs, buns, snacks, and desserts were donated to help supply the needs! While spiritually, God showed up and showed out.

Unsheltered International would like to humbly thank you for your support and prayers. To all those volunteers, a special thank you from us, and the 7th Ward!

We are also very excited to announce that Pastor Amedee, of the Cosmopolitan Evangelistic Baptist Church expressed interest in an ongoing relationship with Unsheltered International!

This means, that in the event of another disaster, or need in the community we are welcome and will have a base to operate out of for years to come!

They also want to partner with us to host a resource clinic for the homeless there in New Orleans.

We are thankful for this opportunity, and look forward to working more with them!!

Breakfast in Birmingham

Saturday, January 26, 2013 the Unsheltered International team and some volunteers will be going to Birmingham armed with hot coffee, sausage biscuits and the word or God!

Every so often its good to do these type of visits. It allows us to build lasting relationships with those that are currently struggling. In the long run we are able to watch their lives change, hopefully for the better. We can offer encouragement and prayer as well as a warm belly of food.

God has graciously put this burden on us and we intend to fulfill the request of Jesus, by going to the street and telling all that we can about his forgiveness and love.

Join us in Prayer as the team of volunteers hit the streets early that we can reach the lost!

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