Report from Costa Rica by Travis Sharpe

We are full swing into our Costa Rica missions trip now and things are going very well! April and I are part of a larger group that works a lot here in Central America. My good friend Dr. Gary Moore with GPA Mobilization Ministries is heading up the trip.
We are here to host a conference for the many Central American missionaries that Dr. Moore is affiliated with. As Dr. Moore has said, we are here to learn from the missionaries and hopefully bless them with our teaching and preaching as well.
I enjoyed preaching in one of the churches yesterday and today I taught a lesson to the men about using wisdom in practical matters. April taught the ladies.
The conference is taking place at a hotel in the mountains and its a real treat for the missionaries and their families.
April and I are soaking up all of the information we can about the culture as it pertains to the homeless and the extreme poor. It has been so helpful to me to sit down and talk with some of the national pastors and missionaries.
There is so much to learn. We spent a good part of the day Saturday in a shopping district in San Jose and observed many people who are sleeping there in the parks and on the streets.
This man was playing his instrument and collecting any money that passersby would throw into his bucket.
photo (5)
This man sat with his head down as people hustled by.
photo (3)
April spent some time with a young lady named Pamela. She is 21 years old and has a burden for the homeless. We think its awesome that God led us here to meet her.
photo (1)
She wants to learn about homeless ministry from us! Her dad is a national pastor here.
On Wednesday we go back to San Jose to walk the streets and learn more about the homeless population.
Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We are excited about the possibilities!