2016 Fall Fundraising Campaign


Each year, the first of October marks a very critical time for our ministry. That’s when we officially kick off our annual Fall Fundraising Campaign. I wish I could visit you personally to speak about our fundraiser, but we will be here in the Philippines working in our international ministry until next year. That being said, I am more thankful than ever for our generous supporters “back home.”

The Campaign will run until December 31st and we will be presenting several opportunities for you to give. Every special gift that is given during October, November and December will count toward our goal of $50,000.

The money that is raised will help us carry on our mission of bringing hope and help to those in need at home and abroad.



  • We serve churches in the U.S. by helping them with their homeless ministries. Below: Helping a church in Charleston, WV to begin a new homeless ministry.



Your gift of $50 will help send a missionary to assist a church.

Give $5o

Give another amount


  • Hundreds of meals are served to children and adults each week at our Philippine Meal Centers and homeless ministry. Below: April Sharpe serving at one of the 12 meal centers.

april serving at bridge


Your gift of $25 will provide 30 meals.

Your gift of $50 will provide 60 meals.

  • Resource Clinics for the homeless in 5 different states. Below: Resource clinin in Coatesville, PA



$2,500.00 sponsors an entire resource clinic. Give this amount.

$1,250.00 sponsors half of a resource clinic. Give this amount.

Give your special amount to help sponsor a resource clinic. Give here.


  • The gospel is preached, souls are won and discipleship provided through our ministry partners and staff. Below: Preaching to the “street kids” in Bacolod City Philippines.



Support the street children’s ministry with your special gift of any amount. Give here.


  • Life-saving medical care and first aid treatment is given to children and adults in the Philippines each week. Below: One of the children taking asthma treatment.



Give $100 to help with medical needs

Give $50 to help with medical needs

Give your special amount to help with medical needs



Please help us reach the $50,000 goal




Give any amount by clicking here.

Quick donation links:

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By Mail

Make checks payable to  Unsheltered International and mail to: PO Box 2625 Cullman, AL 35056.


Special note from Founder/President- Travis Sharpe

Thank you so much for giving to our Fall Fundraising Campaign and for praying for the various aspects of our ministry. During these times of fundraising I am constantly reminded that without the generosity of our partners, most of what we do would simply not be possible. Your giving enables us to remain effective and grow our outreach each and every year.

I want you to know that I am truly grateful for your contributions to the Lord’s work. Thank you for entrusting us to preach the gospel and help the poor where God has planted us.


Travis Sharpe