Illinois Tornado Disaster

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November 20, 2013 UPDATE

kenny pic1Our team member Kenny Brown was up early this morning giving much needed supplies to homeowners and volunteers in Washington, IL.

Kenny, along with a large amount of the community is staying at the Crossroad United Methodist Church in Washington. Early this morning he headed out with the truck and trailer loaded with supplies.

He has met several people going through the debris in search of there belongings. Simple things like pictures and toys are in the forefront of the search. These sentiments lay covered in stacks of wood and insulation that used to stand erect and in the form of a home.

The temperatures this morning were in the 20’s, so the tabogins and gloves have been a huge blessing, as Kenny had already handed out dozens by mid morning.  Crow bars, shovels, rakes, hammers, gloves and more are being accepted with a humble thank to everyone that is doing what they can to help.

As well as offering supplies, Kenny has stopped to help many home owners sift through there belongings, strewed on the street corners.  One man named Jack, who has been staying at Crossroads United with Kenny welcomed the offer to have an extra set of hands to help search for priceless pictures, irreplaceable letters and money for a children’s fund they had been saving for, for some time.

As the hours passed little pieces of Jacks life surfaced from beneath the rubble. The money that had once been enclosed in a glass jar jacks houseon a kitchen shelf, lay almost pre collected in one central location. The jar in which it used to be housed, was gone along with the kitchen which remained unrecognizable.

Jack and his wife were grateful for Kenny and Unsheltered International for the help. Though rebuilding  the home will take some time, relationships built on selfless love, like Kenny helping, had already began rebuilding their faith.

Kenny will stay in Washington until tomorrow evening, continuing to help where he can.

We are still accepting donations, and what we don’t use in Washington, IL will be used in the next disaster!

Please follow along with our updates, and continue to pray and help in the relief effort! Click here to make a donation towards the efforts today!


November 18, 2013

In the wake of yesterday’s deadly storms in the Midwest, we are responding quickly to bring help to the most damaged cities.

We have a truck and trailer along with two personnel that will leave Cullman, AL first thing in the morning. They will be armed with supplies to equip homeowners and volunteers with debris clean up.

These supplies will include things like rakes, shovels, work gloves, masks, tarps, first aid supplies, water, etc.

They will also hand out Bibles and pray with people to bring the hope that only Jesus can bring!

One of our volunteers who is going is a nurse and she will be prepared to administer first aid as needed.

Please be in prayer for our response team and help if The Lord leads you help please do so!

How can you help? We will be receiving donations of the above mentioned items at our warehouse today until 9 pm. The address is 30 County Rd 1184 Cullman, AL.
We also need financial donations to purchase much needed supplies in the field.



God bless you and don’t forget to pray for the hurting people in all of these areas.