5 Reasons I’m Going Back To The Philippines Tomorrow by Travis Sharpe

Tomorrow afternoon I will once again board an airplane in Atlanta and began the grueling, two day trip to the Philippines. If everything goes as planned, we will arrive on Thursday the 8th. I am so excited to be reunited with our dear friends and hard working ministry partners who we have missed very much.

My good friend Pastor Todd Crusenberry will be with me on this trip. He is the one who talked me in to going with him to the Philippines in January of 2014 so I owe him a debt of gratitude for introducing me to this exciting and needful ministry.

This is a short trip and we will be returning on October, 21’st. There has been a lot of developments and progress in the ministry since our family left in May and it will be great to see that progress first hand. We will be staying at our mission house once again.

I know it’s going to be wonderful to pick up where we left off in May and once again be able to personally bring help and hope to the children and adults that our ministry is now helping on a daily basis. We will be preaching, teaching, serving meals and all of that good stuff while we are there. But we will also have a lot of important business to accomplish.

Today I would like to share with you 5 reasons We are taking this trip.

1. To see how we are providing shelter for children

During the second week of September, our staff and partners started providing shelter to some of the children who live on the streets and have no where else to go. They have formed a partnership with the city and have gained access and use of a building for this purpose.

Shelter for these children is critical because they are so very vulnerable sleeping out on the dangerous city streets. We plan to spend time working on this new aspect of ministry and developing the plans needed to be implemented for growth. I am confident that the many years of experience I have had in the shelter ministry will be of great help.

2. To further develop our meal center sponsorship program

Each and every week we are serving nutritious meals to hungry children at our 13 different meal centers. The Lord has blessed this ministry greatly and it is one of the most fruitful and productive things we are doing.

We have developed a program where we partner donors with a specific meal center for them to sponsor. This is good because it allows our donors to give to a specific task and it makes it very personal for them as a sponsor. We will discuss how we can make this better and how we can communicate better with the sponsors here in the United States.


3. To discuss the development of our future child sponsorship program

This is very near to my heart. We are in the process of developing a program to match underprivileged children in the Philippines with a sponsor in the United States. We are developing the program by using a “pilot” approach. Currently we have 5 children who we have matched with sponsors and we are figuring this out as we go.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of details to address as we do this. We need a lot of prayer as we will meet and talk about how to best help the children who need us the most.

4. To encourage our staff and ministry partners

I cannot tell you just how difficult it is to be involved on a daily basis with this type of ministry. Some days it is extremely rewarding and even fun. But most days it’s just a lot of heart-breaking work.

On a daily basis you will see families that have been broken apart by the merciless affects of sin. You will see poverty that you can’t understand and case after case of injustice. You will experience the pain in children’s lives as they attempt to care for themselves and live in a cruel world where it seems that sometimes love doesn’t exist.

I could go on and on. But the point I’m trying to make is that we want (and need) to be a real encouragement to our friends who are on the front lines. There is something refreshing and spiritual about good godly fellowship. I plan to spend some time with them just talking, praying and relaxing. Please help me pray that our time there can be a time of refreshment for them!

5. To check on everything

I don’t know how to make this one sound spiritual at all. But one purpose is to simply see with our own eyes how everything is going.

In the last year our supporters have invested a lot of hard earned money in this new ministry and we have a responsibility to them and to God to be good stewards of those investments. The very best way that I know of to do that is to visit and experience how the whole process is going.

We will visit the meal centers and talk to some of the children. We will go along on the street visitation and see how they are interacting with the people on the streets. We will visit the new shelter and see first hand how we are providing to meet the needs there. We fully trust our staff and partners so we don’t have to go with any suspicious thoughts or motives but rather to be able to relay to our supporters our first hand account of the progress and work that is being accomplished.

Prayer requests:

Please pray for our traveling safety going and coming.

Please pray that we will all have great wisdom and unity as we discuss the various aspects of ministry.

Please pray that God would continue to provide and that souls would be saved.
Please pray for success in our Fall Fundraising Campaign that is going on now.

Thank you so much for your involvement in our ministry and for helping us to make a difference!