Sandy Update #6

Sandy Update #6           11/6/12   1:00 pm

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It’s been over a week since Pastor Mike King and his family have been home together.  They have been tirelessly working along side Unsheltered International to provide resources to those that were affected by Sandy.

In fact most of the volunteers, are those that were affected. From fireman, to simple life long residents of Staten Island who have lost everything they own. When asked why they continue to work through their loss, their answered is simple. “It’s just what we do.”

This day began early for Unsheltered International.  Travis and his volunteers hit the streets serving coffee to disaster victims, fireman and police officers.

After setting up at a distribution center among others ready and willing to help, they started cooking and serving hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches to any and all in need. So far as of noon today, 500 meals had been served, and the people were still pouring in.

“I’d just like a night at home, in my own bed, with my family.”  Said Pastor Mike in tears. How often we take advantage of the simple things, until all at once, they are gone.

Tonight though, for Pastor Mike and his family, might be different. Travis and the volunteers have pulled together and arranged a truck loaded with a generator, gas, food and water to be sent to the Pastors house. So they may go home, if only for a night.

“This Island is destroyed. I mean complete and utter destruction. There are houses, torn from their foundation and washed away. There are cars upside down, and piles of debris at least 5 ft high.  I feel like I am standing in the middle of a war zone. ” Said Travis, the president of Unsheltered International.

 “We are doing the best we can, and praying that God keeps providing. We are in this for the long haul.  So we need continued support and donations, in order to keep helping!”

As if the area isn’t destroyed enough, there is a Nor’easter storm coming, and it is pretty evident that Travis and his volunteers will have to break down and evacuate the area. They will have to move inland, wait out this storm and re locate to set up and begin serving again.

Unsheltered International has been working hand in hand with Verizon wireless, FEMA,  the Salvation Army and several different organizations that have set up stations offering different resources. From clothing, food, water and cell phone charging and service area.

Working together is crucial right now. In order to cover the entire island, they will need to divide and conquer. “We are only in one corner of this destruction. We need so much more supplies and food to help all these people. It’s heartbreaking to just see the loss.”

Thank you for your generous support and your prayers. Please continue to pray for the families that were devastated by this storm.

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