A Life Saving Mission by Travis Sharpe

Last year, we partnered with missionary Raul Remada to help him start a new church in Dapitan City, Philippines. Brother Raul and his family began a children’s meal center first, then after several months they began having weekly church services. Their new church is going great and so is the weekly meal center.

A couple weeks ago, Raul and some helpers rode their motorcycles to a mountain village so they could preach and show a Christian film. After crossing a couple rivers and climbing a mountain, they arrived.

While in the village they met a very sick, bedridden man named Rodito. They learned that Rodito was suffering from high blood pressure, malnutrition and some other unknown illnesses. He also had a legion on his shoulder that looked infected.

Of course, this man’s condition was concerning for brother Raul and he spent time talking with Rodito and helping him the best he could. He returned to the village this week and brought more food and medicines and even took time to wash the bedridden man and clean his wound.

Raul and his wife Rachel are committed to ongoing help to try and get him back into good health. The man is afraid to go down from the mountain to the hospital so they are going to him. We are partnering with Raul to help Rodito and his family by giving them the tools necessary for some type of livelihood so that they can earn money to feed themselves for the long-haul. But in the mean time, Raul is doing a great job of meeting the immediate needs.

How you can help

This is only one recent example that shows why our ministry is so important. Rodito would most likely not live much longer without intervention from our team. Not only do we and our partners bring the gospel to the lost, we also care for the poor and vulnerable.

But in order to be ready to help people like Rodito, we count on love offerings and donations from our supporters. A couple times each year we have fundraisers and the money we raise goes a long way to help needy people.

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to tune in to our first-ever, live video fundraiser on Thursday, March 8th from 7-9 pm. April and I will be hosting this live video on my Facebook page and we are asking the Lord to provide $10,000 for our ministry on that day. (It will be somewhat like a telethon except it will be a Facebook live video)

You can be a part of helping suffering people just like Rodito by tuning in and giving your best gift during this event.


I’ll be sure to send you another couple reminders as the time draws closer for this special event and I hope you will be praying about the amount you can give to help us reach this $10,000 goal.

Also, for easy giving, you can now text your donation to us. Simply text “give” to 256-579-1571. It’s a super easy and convenient way to donate!

Please be much in prayer also for Rodito and brother Raul as he ministers to him over the coming days.



P.S. Click here to download  a flyer for the Facebook live fundraiser. You can print it and share it at church and with friends and family to help us get the word out.