A Little Boy Who Needed Help by Travis Sharpe

Tonight, while visiting Children and families on the streets here in Bacolod city, we came across a mother and father who were sleeping on a bed made from cardboard underneath the protection of an extended roof in front of a closed business. I want to share part of their story with you because it is very typical of many families that we meet and minister to.

The first thing that our team noticed as we approached was the large amount of “scrap” that this family had collected. Like many poor families, they make their living by collecting plastic, aluminum, and cardboard that they can sell at the junk shop the next morning. They will work in the evening hours, sometimes all night long, looking for and collecting these recyclable items they refer to as scrap.

To the untrained eye, this family might seem like they are homeless and living on the streets with no ambition whatsoever. But nothing could be further from the truth. The father, who is twenty four years old, works hard to collect the scrap that he will sell on a per-kilo basis. I was told that plastic brings about five pesos per kilo. At that rate, he would have to collect ten kilos to earn one dollar.

This family does have a home. But the money to be made as a scrapper is on the streets. If they try to return home each night like a normal working family, they will more than likely lose their bounty to the many other scrappers who are also roaming the streets at night. So, as strange at it might seem, this is a hard working family.


One of the very sad aspects of this type of lifestyle is that it puts the mother and children out on the streets where they spend most nights in a very unsecured and unclean environment. This takes a toll on the children the most. Their little boy’s name is Dino and, as you can see in the pictures below, he is suffering from bacteria infections in his scalp. He is only six years old and yet a hard life has already negatively affected his little body. These sores are caused by the constant dirt and filth that he is forced to sleep in day after day.

His mother washes him each morning but when the sores begin, they are hard to stop. Dino’s scalp was covered with about a dozen of these sores. Some of the sores are scabbed over while some of them are open and oozing mucus and blood. Noticing his condition, our team sprang into action. Lovely retrieved a tube of triple antibiotic ointment from her bag and instructed the mother in how to use it. The mom is only twenty years old and there is a good chance she doesn’t have a good education.

Patiently, Lovely and Lola showed her exactly how to use the ointment. He became restless a few times but for the most part, slept through the treatment. We left them with some ointment and our phone number and the mother was instructed to call us if Dino begins to run a fever. If needed, we will assist them with doctors care.

Every week

Three nights per week, the Unsheltered Philippines team lovingly seeks out families who are in need of care. They minister to children, some of whom are runaways. They minister to adults, many of whom are mentally ill. Everyone they encounter is loved and cared for in Jesus name. Please keep our team in your prayers and especially little six-year-old Dino. Pray that the sores on his head will heal and that his parents will be able to climb from poverty into a better position for their family.

Also, this Friday is going to be special because we will be opening our rescue center and inviting many families to come for a good meal, and a worship service. We will also be providing showers and clothing to anyone in need. Please pray for success and that God would bless these efforts.

One more thing

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