A Special Need For The Dump Ministry

As you know by now, The Lord has allowed us to start a pretty awesome new ministry at the dump site in Bacolod City, in the Philippines.

This landfill is actually a small community where dozens of families work tirelessly day after day to earn a living for themselves. If you haven’t already seen it, we made a video that explains this in great detail. You can watch the video here.

We started back in January by asking permission from the manager of the dump to come on Saturdays and serve a meal to the children. After several weeks, we saw that we needed a place at the dump to use each week that could be specifically for our ministry. It was hard to sing the songs and do the Bible lesson for the kids in the hot sun.

So we visited the Mayors office and asked permission to build a building that we could use each week for the children’s ministry.

They said yes!

Quickly, with a donation from a church, we were able to build the building. It was finished just in time for the medical clinic day that we had at the dump. A representative from the Mayors office came that day and was very excited about our investment in this unique community.


The houses at the dump are very bad. They leak when it rains and the kids get wet. We are allowing the kids to use the building as a safe haven on rainy days and a safe place to play anytime. They love it.

The need

For the last four months, I have been the driver each week for the dump ministry. We have used our van. The food is cooked about two miles away at Brother and Sister Ayco’s house in Handumanan. (This is where we also built another building and have another meal center).

Now that we are leaving on Saturday, and I will not be here to drive, we need to provide transportation for them to go back and forth. The road is rocky and it will rattle your teeth out for the last mile!

Also, the rainy season comes here in June. Not only do all the workers need transportation, they will need rain gear and good boots. It’s a mess there when it’s raining but our workers are faithful and two Saturdays ago when I was sick, the went in an uncovered vehicle and got soaking wet.

One of the main modes of transportation here is what they call tricycles. A motorcycle with a sidecar. They come in all shapes and sizes and are extremely useful.

Here is a picture of what they had to use when I was sick.

File May 19, 11 26 07 AM

I want to purchase them a brand new one that is covered and will be reliable for them each week. It will look like this one:

File May 19, 6 48 00 PM
File May 19, 6 45 06 PM

With a new tricycle, they will be able to carry the two pots of rice soup and four or five workers. We actually need two of these vehicles because the other one could be used in our Talisay meal centers. But the urgent need is for the dump. As God blesses, hopefully we can add another for the other meal centers.

How much?

The tricycle we want to purchase will cost between $2,500-$3,000. The rain gear for five people will cost extra. We plan to put removable covers on the sidecar for when it rains heavy.

Please help us pray for this need to be met quickly. If you can contribute, there are two easy ways, online or by mail.

To donate online, simply follow this link. DONATE NOW.

To give with a check through the mail, simply send it to our Alabama office at:

Unsheltered International
PO Box 2625

Cullman, AL 35056

Simply write “tricycle” in the memo section.

Thank you very, very much for helping us on this need and all the other needs that have been met over the past few months. Our supporters have really shown generosity and compassion above and beyond the usual!

God bless and Thank you,

Travis Sharpe