Augusta Resource Clinic Volunteer Information

Welcome Volunteers!


We are excited that you have joined us for the resource clinic here in Augusta at Garden City Rescue Mission. It’s going to be great and God is going to do great things!



Below you will find the different job assignments. Please look for your name and take note of the area we have you assigned to work. If you do not see your name, don’t worry, Travis Sharpe will plug you in when you get there in the morning.

There are some helpful notes at the bottom of this page so please read it all!


Here is the list of volunteer positions feminine 


Person in charge- Steve Battles and April Sharpe

Jennifer Limerick

Ginny Rochester


Birth certificates

Person in charge- Adrienne Barbee

Host- Michael McAllister

Sarah Sharpe

Macie Burgin


Reading glasses

Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Jay Widener

Eric Milford

Katie Beth Milford



Person in charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Adam Widener

Cathy Arnold

Susan Pardue

Pam Peoples

James Malpass




Person in charge- Chris and Lisa Russell

Host- Johnny Rockefeller

Susan Hunter

Ann Hanson

Kelly Powell

Kallie Grace Powell

Penny Reese

Jennifer Hillman




Person in charge- Denny Mitchell

Mike Reese

Robbie Mcclelland

Michael John Rochester

John George

Chad Widener

Cliff Thomas

Helen Thomas




Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Michael Schiebel

Will Schiebel

Jonathan Schiebel

Matthew Schiebel

Ron Darnell


Drink Station 1

Michelle Kent

Jullie Hullum

Melissa Murrah

Drink Station 2

Crystal Widener

Leslie Widener

Abi Widener



Person in charge- Mark and Jennifer Helms

Host- Mark Helms

Jennifer Helms

Amanda Smith

Megan Helms

Melissa Widener



Person in charge- Howard Dye

Savannah McConnell

Emilee McAllister

Ginger Ombler

Kim Kearby

Jennifer Rockefeller

Baylie Rockefeller

Cam Rockefeller

Jackson Rockefeller

Lucas Rockefeller

Rick Krugner



Person in charge- Howard Dye/Shaun Taylor


Food Plating

Person in charge- Howard Dye/Shaun Taylor

Keith Mravlja

May Brown

Alexia Crespin

Donna Krugner



Kenny Marr Family


Person in Charge- Melissa Mitchell

Host- Judy Hanson

Kayla Malpass

Alyssa Case



Person in charge- Kim Battles

Jennifer Mravlja

Amanda Miller

Karen McCartney



Person in charge- Joe Newsome

Nanay Wiggins

Myra Parrish

Bobby Grover

Rick Hollar


Trailer transport

Tim Barbee


Face painting/Nails

Person in charge-

Kasie Newman

Melonie Garrett

Rochester girls


Care Givers

Person in Charge- Howard Dye

Christian Malpass

Megan Syneberg

Emili Goedell


Set Up/Tear Down

Person in charge- Tim Barbee

Jesse Mickle

Larry Mickle

Hunter Sharpe


Joe Brown

Men from Garden City Rescue Mission


Special Notes

The address for the resource clinic is:

Garden City Rescue Mission

828 Fenwick St

Augusta, GA



Arrival Time for Saturday morning

Please arrive no later than 9:30 am. If you are assigned to work in registration, please be there by 8:30. We will begin setting things up at 7:30 am so anytime after that is fine to arrive. If you want to help with setting up the tents, chairs, etc, be there as early as possible.


When you arrive

The first thing you should do when you arrive (at the resource clinic site) is go to the registration tent and register. You will give your name and also receive a name tag. After that, you can help with with setting up.


Pre-event meeting

We will have a meeting at 10:30 am. We will give some final instructions and then you will go to your station to receive instructions from the person in charge of your area.


When you will eat lunch

All volunteers need to eat lunch before the event officially begins. The time for this is 11-11:45. There will be a designated area for you to eat lunch that is kind of out of sight. We need you to go ahead and eat so that when the guests begin to arrive you are ready to serve in your area.


Order for the day

We will be working all morning to set up and get things ready, but the clinic doesn’t actually begin until 12.

Here is the flow:

11 am-We start letting guest come in and sit down and have coffee and a snack.

12 pm- we will begin the church service

1 pm (or close to that)- we will open the resource stations

1-4 pm- everything is open and running

4 pm (or until last person is served)- finish and tear down.


Contact Us:

Travis Sharpe- 803-640-7021

Pictures of the tent set up at the Mission: