Bro. Denny’s Trip to South Dakota-Full Report

Hey everyone!

If you read our most recent Ministry Update than you saw that Bro. Denny Mitchell took a trip to Rapid City, South Dakota, to meet with Pastor Eric Schafnitz to bring help and hope to the homeless.

The missionaries already there

Pastor Eric and Sister Dawn and their family are missionaries called to the Native American reservations. Just this September, Pastor Eric led the very first service of 1st Nations Baptist Church, their brand new church plant.

The work that was done 

Bro. Denny spent the week working hard to assist Pastor Eric searching the streets for those who are unsheltered and in need. They went out Tuesday through Saturday of that week finding people who were cold and hungry. They gave away items such as blankets, toboggans, coats, hygiene kits, and care packages filled with snacks and water. They invited people to church on Sunday and witnessed to everyone they met about Jesus Christ. They even ended up leading a woman to the Lord while she was on her break from work.

Bro. Denny noticed a difference from the homeless community in Rapid City compared to the others he has served in. For example, he and Bro. Eric could not find any homeless camps in the area like are common in most places he goes. He learned that the homeless there tend to stay mobile, traveling back and forth from the two reservations that Rapid City is located between. And if they should stay the night there, they will leave no trace by cleaning up all their trash.

Something else that Bro. Denny was not familiar with is the severe opposition from the gangs there. In other cities where Bro. Denny has gone, the local gangs recognize and even appreciate it when people are giving help to their people. But in Rapid City it is nearly the opposite, to the point that there have been threats against Bro. Eric and his family.

The growing church

For their mid-week service and their regular Sunday services, Bro. Denny was given the privilege to preach. Thursday night after Sister Dawn and the children sang and Bro. Denny preached, two Native Americans recognized their need for Jesus and were saved!

That Sunday marked the 10th service for 1st Nations Baptist Church and it experienced great blessings also. After taking the time that week to care for people and to invite them to church, they had a record attendance of 17 people come in to worship and be refreshed by hearing from God’s Word. Praise the Lord!

 We are very grateful and happy that God has allowed us to partner with them and be a help as they have a burden to reach the homeless in that community of Rapid City.

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