Children’s Bible Lessons Needed

I have a big project that I need your help with. As you know, we have 12 children’s meal centers here in the Philippines. Every week in the meal centers our workers teach a Bible lesson, sing songs, serve a meal, apply first aid and more. It is an awesome ministry. Here are some pictures.







The problem

We have a two-fold problem. First, we don’t have enough lessons for our teachers. Sometimes they have to re-hash the last lesson or go from memory. Secondly, the children in the meal centers are some of the poorest in the Philippines. This means that most of the kids don’t attend school all the time, have poor hygiene, and lack many of the basic skills and knowledge that most kids have.

The project

I am going to compile a curriculum for our teachers to use each week. This way, they will always have good lessons that are intentionally written for the needs of the children.

The curriculum will include:

  • 52 Bible lessons with memory verse and an illustrated drawing
  • 52 Health and hygiene type lessons with an illustrated drawing
  • List of songs we sing
  • Recipes for the meals we cook and serve
  • First aid guide

How you can help

I will edit and compile the curriculum but I am counting on our friends to supply us with Bible lessons and the health and hygiene lessons.

I need you to submit lessons to me that I can consider to be a part of the curriculum. The average age of the children is around 8 years old. They are some younger and some older but 8 is the average.

The Bible lessons need to be:

  • Geared for the 8 year olds
  • One page only (if possible)
  • Stories are great
  • A drawing if possible (if you don’t have a drawing, submit the lesson anyway)

The health and hygiene lessons will be short lessons that are taught after the Bible lesson is finished so they don’t need to coincide with the Bible lesson.

These health an hygiene lessons need to be:

  • No more than one page (if possible)
  • Simple
  • Basic things like hand washing, bathing, brushing teeth, etc.
  • A drawing if possible (if you don’t have a drawing, submit the lesson anyway)

Your name will appear with your lesson

If we wind up using your lesson, you will be given credit in the curriculum for the submission. Wouldn’t it be great to help these children learn the Bible and also learn to care for their personal needs?

How to submit lessons

Email submissions to

If you pull lessons from a publication, please get permission first and give me the permission information.

Time frame

I want to wrap up this project by January of 2017 so I need the submissions ASAP. I am excited to see what we can do together to be a real blessing to these kids. Please share this with anyone you know who would might be interested in helping.

Written by Travis Sharpe