Christmas Salvation “…by all means save some.”

To most of us, we imagine Christmas as a time of year to visit family, share stories around the tree, laugh and reminisce of the memories that were made since you last saw each other. Dinner around the table, with loved ones from far and near. I’m sure the smells of Christmas still invade your nostrils and the sounds of laughter still ring in your ears.

But what if you had not only no family to share Christmas with, but the memories that were made, weren’t anything you’d like to remember. What if this year, was your lowest year yet? You lost your job, your marriage fell apart, you lost your kids, your home, or you just still didn’t have one?

This year we wanted everyone, no matter their situation, to spend Christmas with family. So early Christmas eve, Unsheltered International and volunteers began setting up Christmas dinner for 80+!


Though it began to rain, Christmas day turned out amazing! A once empty room, became filled from wall to wall with volunteers and guests, food, and gifts!!


Our volunteers were awesome! Standing at the doors and in the rain to help people in! They Cooked, they plated, and they served!

7Slowly but surely,  Echoes of Christmas got louder and louder. The laughter, the children and live music from a volunteer. Smells of Christmas dinner and deserts filled the air!


People forgot they came because they were alone. The others  forgot they came to serve and they simple spent Christmas with family!


After the Christmas story, we had a special visitor! Santa Clause came to pass out presents  for the kids! Although, I can say it wasn’t just the kids that got a kick out of St. Nick!  I would say every adult in the room smiled from ear to ear when he walked in the room!


And though Santa and the gifts were great, and the fellowship was priceless.  By the end of the evening, One was saved! One person who came broken and lonely, left Christmas dinner with a new family and a reassurance that can’t compare to anything. He left knowing for sure he was going to Heaven.  This made the whole day even more amazing than it already was.

A huge thanks to everyone that helped cook, prepare, and volunteered their time!  It was a lot of work and preparation, but by all means save some!

1 Corinthians 9:22 ~ To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some.


Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!