Desire The Mundane by Travis Sharpe

Have you ever been frustrated because you felt like you couldn’t  do what you really wanted to do? Like your hands were tied?

Ever felt like others were doing the “exciting” stuff in ministry while you were stuck just plugging along in the same ol’ grind?

Me too.

I don’t know a single person who likes boredom. I know I sure don’t. Nobody enjoys waiting in lines or doing the humdrum things of life.

In fact, it seems as though everyone is writing nowadays about how to have an exciting ministry and how to get the most fulfillment out of your experiences.

We have been brainwashed to believe that if we aren’t constantly doing something new, great, or exciting, then we are falling behind, or even worse, failing God.

The problem

I believe there is a problem with this mentality. The problem is, in order to accomplish the things we all think are great or exciting, groundwork must be laid.

Or to put it another way, someone must do the mundane.

And what about the person doing the “not-so-glamorous or exciting” stuff? Are they falling behind? Are they missing out?

No, they are not.

In fact, their part may be greater.

Some examples

We are starting a new ministry here in the Philippines so that means that there are many things to be done. Some of which are just normal ol’ things.

 In the past few days we have  been to the lawyers office, to the BIR office, (Bureau of Internal Revenue), to the bank, the Internet and phone companies and a few other places like that.

We have taken numbers and sat down and waited, sometimes for hours.
Sounds pretty exciting huh?
Well, we have to do those “mundane” things in order to set up our ministry here.

Another example

Have you ever been on a mission trip? The typical mission trip is 7-10 days of pure excitement. When you land at the airport you hit the ground running and usually don’t stop until you arrive home again!

But did you ever stop to consider the work of the team leader and the missionary on the field and what it takes from them to be able to be your host?

The team leader spends hours making schedules and planning dates. He arranges flights and counts luggage. He communicates with the missionary on the field and he tries to raise the needed funds.

The missionary on the field finds a place for the team to stay. He visits the areas where you will work. He rearranges his schedule and makes room for the special week.

My point

My point is that without doing the “normal, everyday” things, the big and exciting stuff doesn’t happen.

Or what about the pastor who has a special revival service? The special services might be wonderful and full of excitement.

But did you ever consider that in order to have a church full of people hungry for revival, that pastor spends hours upon hours in sermon preparation and prayer.

He preaches every week of the year without special things going on. He does the hard part.

Desire the mundane

The next time you get bent out of shape because your job is boring or routine, take a moment to think and maybe even pray.

It could be that what you are doing is paving the way for something that is out of this world.

Desire to minister, In any capacity.

There are enough people out there already who won’t serve unless they are happy with their position and job. They hunger to be great but they forget that there is no need for us to be great, for God is already great.

So desire the mundane. Desire in your heart to be a servant who doesn’t complain that your service is boring or unimportant.

It’s those things that we don’t think much of that make everything work.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go wait in a line!