Finding people at WalMart


Want to help the homeless during the cold weather but not sure where to start? Each night hundreds of people spend the night in their cars in parking lots. Go to your local Walmart or truck stop after dark. During daytime hours city or county parks are a good place to look. Cruise around the outskirts of the parking lot and look for vehicles with towels or bed sheets covering the windows.

Take some things with you to be a blessing. Blankets, gloves, McDonalds gift cards, snacks, jackets, etc. is a good start. Remember to be very cautious and courteous. You may startle them, especially if they are already asleep. They will likely be leary of you at first because they don’t know who you are or what you want.

Just introduce yourself and treat them like a friend. Most of all, pray with and for them. You can be a blessing and make a difference. Let us know who you find and how it goes!

Blessings- Travis Sharpe