For Travis’s Birthday! Give a Gift to Someone else!!!

I can hardly believe that I am about to celebrate my 38th birthday. I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was twelve years old and running through the orange groves and fishing holes of South Florida where I grew up! Where has time gone?

I remember as a child dreaming of my future career. I wanted to be a deputy sheriff like my dad. I can remember him letting me play with his handcuffs and his gun belt. I remember the overwhelming sense of pride that time he came to my school for parents day. He came in his uniform and police car. I was only in like 5th grade but I was the man!

Never in a million years would I have ever thought that I would be a missionary one day when I grew up. But now, looking back, I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love what I do. We help people every day.

bday balloon copy

As I was pondering turning 38, my mind went to John 5:5. There you will find a story about a cripple man who was in bad shape. The Bible says that be had been that way for 38 years. He was hurting for as long as I am old!

Then, Jesus passed by his way! Jesus was his healing.

With your gift of $38.00, we will go to people just like this man. People who are homeless, broken, diseased, and down trodden. Not to mention people who have lost everything due to disasters.

I hope you will join us this year and give a gift to help change a life forever. I don’t need presents that will rust and fade away anyhow. I want to give others eternal life.

Thank you in advance for helping us make an eternal impact around the world.