Full Report from New Orleans Mission Trip

We are so thankful for the Lord’s goodness this past week as our team and ministry partners shared God’s Word in New Orleans. It truly was a unique mission trip and we witnessed God do several great things.

Here are just a few of the ways God blessed during the week.

  • The attendance of our revival was phenomenal. We had 234 in the services and God allowed us to minister to hundreds more out on the streets.
  • 13 people trusted Christ as their Savior.
  • Our food team, headed up by Howard Dye, served over 860 delicious meals.
  • 70 people received haircuts.
  • 915 care packages and snack bags were given away.
  • 153 people received clothing.
  • 200 backpacks with fleece blankets, gloves and hats were given away.
  • 30 hoodies and 5 coats were given away.
  • 24 pairs of boots were given away.
  • 14 people received new tents and 7 bed rolls were given.
  • 2 men were enrolled in treatment programs.

The entire worth of all goods and services given comes to a total of $27,515! But that number is nothing compared to the worth of the precious souls who were saved.

There are a few people we want to thank for making this week great.

The Sampson family did a great job of organizing the mission team, running the revival services and working hard to make sure everyone had what they needed.

Paul Stensrud and his ministry, Exit 0, was a tremendous blessing with the supplies they brought and their tireless work out on the streets. Many of the supplies we gave out were brought and donated by Paul.

The local Pastors and Churches were great hosts and they have a huge heart for their city. They are such a blessing to work with!

Howard and Debbie Dye did a fantastic job organizing all the meals and making sure the food was delicious.

All of the participants on the mission team worked extremely hard and that made the week such a blessing.

Of course, we are grateful for all of our partners who gave to make the week possible.

Here are some pictures from the week. Visit our Facebook page for lots more!

Mark your calendar!

Fellowship Day March 9th

You are invited to our 2018 fellowship day that will be held in Pigeon Forge, TN on Friday, March 9th. This is a time for us to gather with our volunteers and partners (supporters) to say thank you and enjoy an afternoon and evening of food, fun and fellowship.

Last year was super fun and everyone had a good time relaxing and getting to know one another. This fellowship day is open to anyone who loves Unsheltered International. It’s completely free and all we ask is that you RSVP by replying to this email.

Facebook Live Fundraiser March 8th

On Thursday, March 8th, we are going to have a special two-hour live fundraising event. This is going to be a time where we come to you live and give tons of ministry updates and share our burden for the lost with our partners. We are asking God to do something BIG for us on that day and we are asking you to begin praying with us for a great harvest. Watch for more information in the coming days on this exciting event and learn more about it here.