Full report from New Orleans revival

The 2020 winter revival for the unsheltered is in the books and we are thrilled at what God accomplished this week. From the day we arrived, all the way until the last amen yesterday, our team worked tirelessly and the Lord added his rich blessing each day.

The above picture pretty much sums up the attitude of the week and the heart of our ministry. It’s all about loving God and taking his love to the broken. I’m thankful for Christians who will sit down and put their arm around a hurting soul and simply love them in Jesus name!


Here are the results from the week, at least the ones we know about. I’m inclined to believe there are always decisions we never know about and lasting effects we will not see until Heaven. Nonetheless, here’s what we know!

6 People made decisions for Christ
227 Guests were in attendance
873 Meals were served
45 People received Bibles
151 People received clothing
130 People received hygiene products
32 People received haircuts

The Mayor visits

It was an encouragement to us to have New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell visit with us on Monday. She was gracious and let us know that she was thankful for our investments in her city.

Fighting the weather

I’m thankful for everyone who made this week possible and especially the ones who participated by working so hard each and every day. Each day brought new challenges. One day there was a sudden hail storm that destroyed our tents, followed by heavy rain and flooding in the church the next day. Several of our team members worked right through the rain, getting soaking wet, only to continue serving our guests for the rest of the day. They are extremely committed!

Visiting on the streets

One of the highlights of this week was visiting people out on the streets where they live. Our teams bravely and graciously fought the elements each day to pass out flyers and invite people to come to the revival. They prayed with people, gave away needed snack bags, and simply loved on everyone the best they could.

A mother gave up her Marijuana

During the invitation on Wednesday, a lady who is mother to several young children came to the altar broken hearted. God had convicted her about her drug use and she literally placed it on the altar and asked one of our team members to throw it away. She was sick and tired of that lifestyle and the problems that it was bringing.

A lady joined the church

Another lady, named Benita, came forward during the invitation on Wednesday saying she wanted to join the church. She was so sweet and so sincere. The pastor counseled with hear and they will be receiving her into their fellowship. This is so important because if she will stick with them, she will have a great network of new family to help her overcome homelessness.

Lots of children were here

As usual, there were lots of children who attended each day. While our hearts break for their plight, we are grateful for the opportunity to minister to these precious little ones.

Much more!

Of course, there was much more that took place throughout the week. If I tried to report it all there wouldn’t be enough room! Thank you so very much for praying with us and for following the updates. We appreciate all of your involvement.

Our live fundraiser is coming up soon!

Please be much in prayer about our Facebook live fundraiser that is coming up on Thursday March, 12th from 6pm-10pm. This is our largest fundraising effort of the year and our goal is $100,000.

To be completely honest, we need your help to reach our goal that evening. We have been blessed with one headline sponsor who will be sponsoring the 6-7 pm hour. This gracious sponsor has given $2,500 and we are so very thankful for them. We are looking for three more headline sponsors who will jump on board before March 12th to help us get started off right!

Please help us pray for the Lord’s provision.

Thank you again, and many blessings.