Full Report from New Orleans

We are very thankful for the great response today at our resource clinic in New Orleans. Groups from Mississippi, South Carolina, Indiana, Alabama and others came together to serve and the Lord added his blessing to it all.

We served meals, cut hair, provided medical care, gave items such as clothing and Bibles and much more. We also had singing and preaching and a real emphasis on evangelism.

Prior to today, Denny Mitchell with Unsheltered International and Paul Stensrud with Exit 0 spent many hours out on the streets meeting hundreds of people and inviting them to the event. Paul also brought many snack packs and other supplies that they gave away while inviting people to the event. We are grateful for everyone’s involvement.

Here are the totals from today

Guests- 155
Volunteers- 158
Salvations- 8
Resumes- 2
Birth certificates- 20
Reading glasses- 31
Clothing- 91
Bibles- 51
Haircuts- 27
Medical care- 36
Meals- 468

Snack/hygiene- 112 (Over 100 additional snack packs were given by Exit 0 beforehand)

We appreciate those of you who faithfully support our ministry with your prayers and also financially. You have helped us accomplish great things for God’s glory! Below are some pictures from the day.