Full report from the Baltimore resource clinic

This past weekend was full of adventure, mishaps, sickness, and success as we held our first resource clinic in Baltimore, Maryland. Many of our team members were stricken with sickness before and during the event. Several vehicles broke down and one was even broken into at the hotel. But here we are a few days later, and everyone is excited about what God did. We are ready for the next one!

We partnered with Charm City Church, led by pastor Mike Kemper. He has been ministering in the worst parts of Baltimore for several years and his heart is for the homeless, drug addicted, mentally ill, and anyone who needs help. His church is comprised of precious people who have been rescued by Jesus and now serve each day to help others.

Pastor Kemper preached the message and the people hung on every word. He used several real-life stories from his own difficult past. Connecting on a personal level, he then brought in the Word of God and shared how that Jesus can save anyone who will come to him. Several people responded during the invitation time coming forward for prayer and salvation. By the end of the day, at least fifteen people trusted Christ to be their Savior.

Our medical team did a wonderful job of caring for people with all types of physical problems. Doc and Kim worked patiently listening to patients about their many ailments. As they carried out their examinations, they shared the love of Jesus with people who otherwise, may not have been able to see a doctor.

As usual, the haircut tent and hygiene tent were busy all day long. We had plenty of barbers and hair stylist this time and that was a big blessing. A free haircut for someone who is homeless or living in poverty can be a difference maker in  many ways. Most of all, it gives a boost of confidence which is definitely needed.

Chris and Lisa Russell joined us again to head up the clothing tent. They serve selflessly and share the gospel with everyone who comes through their tent looking for clothes. Some come in believing their greatest need is a new wardrobe, but leave understanding that their biggest need was Jesus.

The kitchen crew and servers, along with everyone else who worked all the other resource stations did a fantastic job serving throughout the entire weekend.

We are especially thankful for the group of twenty-seven who came from Fellowship Baptist Church in Canton, OH. They not only served with us, they also brought many supplies for the event.

Here are the totals for the event.

Guests- 198
Volunteers- 139
Meals- 350
Salvations- 15
Birth certificates- 16
Reading glasses- 27
Clothing- 72
Bibles- 48
Haircuts- 34
Medical care- 41

Hygiene- 129

Thanks again to everyone who helped in any way to make this resource clinic a success. Our next one is in Augusta, GA at Garden City Rescue Mission on August 10th.

If you would like to help us financially with the resource clinic ministry, you can donate here.