Great News, 2 Big Needs Met

Hello Friends,

I have some really awesome news to share with you today.

Two of our most recent BIG needs in our ministry have been met.

Thanks to some faithful giving, we are now going to be able to provide our Filipino staff with the brand new motorized tricycle that we have been praying for.

It will look like this (except brand new!)

File May 19, 6 48 00 PM
This new vehicle will be used in our dump site ministry and other meal center and homeless outreach ministry.

This tricycle will be a very economical mode of transportation and it has a bunch of uses. I’m sure we will also use it to bring lots of people to church on Sunday.

Thank you for this gift! I’ll be sure to send you a picture once we are able to purchase it in a few days.


The other need that was met this week concerns our need for a structure to be built at Crossroad Community Baptist Church.

Each week during the Sunday morning services they have children’s church and this is also one of our weekly meal centers.

Every child who comes to church receives a good meal first thing. And that’s great because most of the kids, even church kids, are very hungry and there’s not much food at home.

The problem was that there is no building to house the children ministry at the church. If there was bad weather they would have to move somewhere else and there really isn’t an available spot.

Pastor Ner and the church family will now be able to build a roof over the area and keep the children space nice and dry. This is especially needed now because it is the rainy season there in the Philippines. I’ll be sharing the new structure pictures with you as soon as I get them.

On another note, we are happy that Temple Baptist Church (our home church), has made some office space available for us to have. Temple has been a real blessing to our ministry over the years and we are excited about our new office.

As for me, I am in NC today for a much needed trip to a mountain trout stream with my son Hunter and some other family. It’s a weekend guys trip. Hopefully we’ll catch enough to have a big feast!

Thanks so much for praying for these needs and for your faithful gifts to the Lord’s work, you’re making a difference.

God bless,