Great week in Ft. Valley, GA by: Travis Sharpe

We had a great week with Pastor Chet Cooper and the Victory Baptist Church family in Ft. Valley, GA. We just returned from their annual missions conference yesterday.

The church family was very gracious to us with great meals, wonderful services, and gifts for our ministry. One amazing gift they gave was new tires for our kitchen trailer. Have you heard that we were given a very nice mobile kitchen?

Here is a picture.

This was donated by Howard Dye and is complete with all the needed commercial kitchen equipment. We will be able to produce mass amounts of meals with this unit!

Because it has been sitting for a little while, the tires were dry rotted and unsafe for travel. When the church in Ft. Valley found out about this need, they went to work. The Lord blessed and two tire shops is the Ft. Valley area donated four of the tires and the church bought the other two.

They were also gracious enough to meet some other needs we had such as a new can opener, safety cones, bibles, reading glasses, sledge hammers, and resume paper.

To top off the week, the church voted to begin supporting us as well. So a big thank you to the entire church family!