Helping a Father and his boy

We have had a great week in our Philippines ministry. Our team has been out on the city streets doing what they do best, making a difference in people’s lives! One of those lives this week was a young boy who had a sore boil on his knee. His name is Lorenzo (pictured below).



Evidently, his mother left soon after his birth and his father takes care of him. They live together on the dirty sidewalks of Bacolod City. His father had already drained the boil, but it was infected pretty bad. Our team took him to the doctor and she prescribed the appropriate antibiotics and some vitamins.

Now that they have made this contact, they will continue to monitor the boys health and also witness to his father. Please pray that this dad would receive Christ as Savior.

Thank you Churches

In the past couple of weeks, we have been blessed to travel to a few churches and share the ministry of Unsheltered International. We have been to TN and SC and we are very grateful for the generosity of God’s people. One highlight was at Bethesda Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC. Pastor Larry Holland had our daughter Sarah to sing in the morning and evening service and he also asked our son Hunter to preach in the evening service. They both did a great job.



Only 13 days left for our Fall Fundraising Campaign!

Thanks to our very generous supporters, we are now at the $23,402.50 mark. I am so grateful to each and every one of you who have given to the campaign to help us reach this point. We couldn’t carry out this life-saving ministry without you.

Please continue to pray with us that the goal of $40,000 will be met by December 31st. If you haven’t given yet, (or you want to give extra), you can use our online giving option here, or you can mail to the address at the bottom of this email.

Pictures of our work

Sometimes a picture can speak louder than words, so I thought I would include a few pictures to let you know how we are putting your donations to good use. Thank you for your support and your prayers, together, we are making a difference.