How To Make Snack Packs and Hygiene Kits For the Homeless by Travis Sharpe

Have you ever wanted to give something to someone who was homeless but just weren’t sure what?

Have you ever been frustrated because you had the opportunity to speak to someone but you didn’t know how to “break the ice”?

If so, then maybe snack packs or hygiene kits are the answer!

Snack pack

These are awesome little packages that you can put together and keep in your car so that you can be armed and ready the very next time that you have an opportunity to be a blessing to someone in need.

Goodie bag

I want to give you some suggestions here on how to put together these two different bags of blessings. But to be honest, just about anything you can dream up to put in the bags would more than likely be awesome.

It has been my experience that most people I meet seem to like and appreciate the snack packs the most. I guess that’s because we all enjoy a good snack!

Most of all, have fun and be a blessing.

Suggested list of items for your snack packs

Granola bar
Individually wrapped peanut butter
Bottle of water
Vienna Sausage
Slim Jim
Individually wrapped candy
Chewing gum
Fruit cup
Hand sanitizer
Gospel tract

Pocket size New Testament

You can add anything you want to add just be sure that you don’t include chocolate or other snacks that might melt or go bad.

Suggested list of items for your hygiene kits

Hand sanitizer
Wet wipes
Wash cloth
Band aids
Bottle of water
Individually wrapped candy
Lip balm
Small bottle of shampoo
Body wash or soap
Cough drops
Gospel tract

Pocket size New Testament

Other Tips

We like to use one gallon Ziploc brand bags as they just seem to hold up better than other brands.

Use small sandwich size bags to put the individually wrapped candy and cough drops in. This will help to safeguard against them melting and messing up the whole bag.

Avoid putting anything in the bags that could possibly be abused such as medicines, mouth wash, etc.

These bags are great to use as a way to break the ice and start a meaningful conversation.

Question: What other items would you suggest for the bags? Leave your comment below!