How You Can Help Us Save a Child’s Life by Travis Sharpe

For over three years now, we have been praying and asking God to open the right doors for us to establish our very first on-going international ministry. None of us were sure exactly where that would be or when it would happen.

Little did we know that back in January of 2014 when we went to the Philippines in response to Typhoon Haiyan, God was actually answering our prayers. During that trip, our team accomplished some truly amazing things.

The medical team treated over 1000 patients, the evangelism team preached dozens of sermons and hundreds came to know Christ, and much more. We even provided materials to re-build four homes that had been destroyed by the storm.

Antonio and family Pastor Antonio Ner of Crossroad Community Baptist Church was our “guide” during the typhoon response. An instant friendship was formed and our hearts have been knit together in  a way that only God could do.

 We are now excited to announce that we will be assisting Pastor Ner and his  church in Bacolod City in an effort to start a new ministry to the homeless.

Homelessness is a real problem there and Pastor Ner has a heart to help. He has asked us to partner with him and help his church make a difference in their city that has many great needs!


We understand that this is an investment. It will take both time and money. But it is a worthy investment and one that we are willing to undertake. So, In January of 2015, our entire family will be flying to the Philippines where we will stay for five months.

The whole family, really?

Yes. Our 10 year old daughter and thirteen year old son will be with us for this five month period. To be honest, I don’t know how we would be able to do it without them.

Travis, April, Hunter and Sarah Sharpe

Travis, April, Hunter and Sarah Sharpe

It will be a challenge for sure. Our kids will have to be doing their school work and continuing their education so our family will be very busy to say the least.

During this time we will be working hand in hand with Pastor Ner to establish the new ministry. We will rent a store-front type building with an apartment upstairs. We will use the downstairs for ministry and live upstairs. (At least that’s the plan!)

Of course there are many “unknowns” for this type of startup ministry, but that’s where faith comes in. We are trusting the Lord to go before us and create a path for us to follow.


While we will be ministering to the entire homeless population, as well as others in need, our primary focus is going to be on the children.

In the Philippines there are hundreds of thousands of children who are abandoned, orphaned, abused, or exploited and left to fend for themselves.

Our plan is to create a center that these children can come to each day for love, support, food and shelter. We would love to see it become an orphanage one day if that is God’s plan.

Can you imagine the impact that we will have as we strive to share Christ and minister to these little ones? We are ready to be there now! They desperately need our help.


It is going to take us all to accomplish this great task. Our family is just a small part of it.

We need other families who will partner with us and become a part of saving lives.

You can pray. We need people who will commit to praying with us each day. Pray about all of the details. Ask God to pave the way and remove all of the obstacles. Most of all ask God to open the hearts of the children and others who we will be ministering to on a daily basis.

You can give for the trip. We will need to raise $25,000 for this trip. That will take care of the airfare, securing a facility and some of the startup costs. A one-time gift for the trip would help in a huge way.

Donate now

You can sponsor the mission. There will be a great need to have sponsors for the new mission we are starting. We are looking for monthly sponsors who can give specifically to help operate. We will need to purchase food each week for the children. We will have to pay for electricity and water and much, much more.

Monthly Sponsorship’s of $15, $25, $50  (or your special amount) will have a direct impact on a child’s life.

Become a sponsor now

When you become a monthly sponsor, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that each and every month your family is taking care of children who are without basic necessities of life.

We are praying and asking God to give us 100 sponsors before we leave in January. Please, if God has burdened your heart, don’t procrastinate!

We are not waiting, we have already began sending funds each week to purchase food for children that Pastor Ner and his church family serve every week.

Every new sponsor will put us closer to opening the center in record time and your sponsorship’s will be put to immediate use.

Click here for more information about becoming a sponsor!