Just A Dream by Hunter Sharpe

I have a very special treat for you today! As many of you already know, my wife April and I believe strongly in including our children in as much of our ministry as possible. In fact, In the past couple of years, Our daughter Sarah (11) and son Hunter (14) have become very important in our ministry. They each did a tremendous job while we were in the Philippines this year and they are really looking forward to when we return next year.


Hunter came to us a few days ago saying that he had written a short poem. Actually, he called it “prose” because it’s not written like your typical poem. It’s about a dream he had not long ago to return to the people on the mission field who he loves dearly. I hope you enjoy this from the perspective of a 14-year old missionary.


Just A Dream by Hunter Sharpe

The old white van is bumping down the road,

as stories of rats and geckos are told.

It seems like the ride takes an eternity
and the excitement of arriving at the village

increases with every passing moment.

As I step out of the van, the heat and sun
hit me like a ton of bricks, but I couldn’t care less.
Because I can already here the tiny voices

shouting and laughing.

As I walk, I see three little angles coming to hug me,
laughing and singing.

I scoop them up in my arms and we twirl and play.
I pray for this memory to stay in my mind forever,

and the sound of the dozens of kids singing is the sweetest of all.

After we sing, we listen to stories of the Bible and then  pray.

Then in a flash they all scatter, running to get cups and bowls,

they line up to eat the hot soup.

Soon, I’m overcome by my three little angles
and we begin playing and laughing once more.

All of a sudden, I hear thunder crashing and lighting flashing,
as I awake I realize it was just a dream.
I realize that I’m thousands of miles away from my little brown angles.

And as I wipe the tears from my eyes I say ‘O Lord, comfort me’ because I just realized, it was only a dream.

The end

Wow! And people say that kids don’t have a place on the mission field. I beg to differ!

The question that came to my mind as I read this yesterday, was, I wonder what will become of this young man’s dreams? I wonder where they will take him? I can’t wait to see!

How about you? Do you have a dream? Do you dream of touching the lives of people who need love and hope? I would say that God can do big things through someone who has big dreams!

Want to see Hunter with some of these kids? Watch the video below!