Made For Ministry?

It has now been three weeks since Michael and Eminem left our house and were reunited with their family. It was a bittersweet day for us but I am thrilled to report that they are both doing really well.

If you missed the story of how we came to know these two young boys, you can read it here.

I thought I would take a little time to tell you some of the neat things that have happened since they left.

 Let me start by telling you that Eminem’s foot is almost completely healed now. These pictures will show you the progression.

 foot 3

We are praising God for his healing, for the doctors who helped for free and for the supporters who sent in donations to cover all of the hospital costs and medicines.

This truly was a life that was saved thanks to the help of so many concerned people.

It’s now summertime here in the Philippines so school is out and kids are glad to be free. Michael and Eminem are enjoying being back at home and they are also attending church with us each week.

Their mother and sister received the Lord as their Savior two weeks ago and they continue to attend faithfully as a family. Last week was youth camp for us and Michael not only attended, he also got saved after one of the morning services.

Eminem was too young to attend but we know that God has great things in store for him as well.

Made for ministry?

At twelve years old, Michael is the older of the two brothers and I noticed something special about him from the very first few days he was with us.

He has a servants heart.

After only two days in the hospital, his servants heart began to shine through. The hospital we were in didn’t have snack machines and coffee stations, but there was a little store outside across the road  that served almost anything you could imagine.

Michael hated sitting around the hospital room so he constantly wanted me to take him to the store. He also liked to ride in the elevator, which we did a million times in five days.

Each time we went to the little store, he would tell me to buy a coffee for Tita April. He never wanted to go back to the room without bringing her something.

A jaw dropping donation

The day we left the hospital to come home, we had to make a couple of stops. While we were waiting outside in the parking lot at one of those stops, a man walked up to us and asked for some money to ride the jeepney (a vehicle used here for public transportation).

man 2

Standing there was myself, April, Kinly, Genievieve, and Micheal and Eminem. I didn’t know exactly what the man was asking for but I could tell he was wanting some money. My first reaction was to access the situation and try to determine wither or not we should give him anything. (In my mind I was going to be a good steward).

But before I could even complete the thoughts in my head, Michael stepped passed me and handed the needy man all of the money that he had in his pocket. (He had a lot of change because every time we went for coffee I would give him the change).

So there I was, contemplating on how to help this man, when Michael simply met his need by giving his all. As the man said thank you to Michael and walked away, the rest of us just looked at each other kinda dumbfounded at what just happened. He reminded us how simple giving really is.

Helping at our house

When we moved from the hospital to our house, the boys had much more freedom to roam around. They laughed and played and watched Frozen on the iPad at least a dozen times. They were so glad to be out of that little hospital room.

But Michael also took the opportunity to be a blessing to everyone in our house.

The first morning that we woke up, Michael was standing in our room with coffee for us. He had gone downstairs and made it himself. April quickly grabbed him up into the bed and snuggled with him as they both had their coffee.


Another morning we awoke to a plate full of peanut butter bread and coffee!

peanut butter

He loves boiled eggs. After we figured that out, we made them everyday. When we would sit down to eat dinner, he would peel a boiled egg for everyone at the table. I gotta tell ya, it was nice to have my eggs peeled!

He also washed his own dishes many times and he even helped me wash the van. Every time we turned around, he was serving in one way or another.

Pastor Ner picked up on Michael’s servants heart also and decided that we should include him in our Saturday feeding program. The first Saturday he had to go with us because he was still in our custody.

That morning we told him where we were going and what we would be doing. Before we left the house, I noticed that he was stuffing his pockets full of candy that we had on a high shelf in the dining room. I just figured that the boy liked candy and wanted to have plenty for the long day ahead.

But to my surprise, the candy wasn’t for him. When we arrived at the bridge to feed the children, he pulled out the candy and went around making sure every single child had a piece.

That day he got to experience what it was like to serve a hot meal to other kids who were in need.

We let him dish out the rice soup and he loved every minute of it.


A couple of Sundays ago, while taking people home after church, Michael and Eminem were with us in the van. As we drove through downtown, I looked over and noticed a young boy lying on the sidewalk and a man standing over him.

The whole scene looked odd to me so I turned around and pulled up beside the boy. The man was gone. I got out with Genevieve and told Michael to stay in the van while we talked to the young boy.

But Michael couldn’t stand it. He had to see if the boy was okay. He jumped out of the van, knelt down and began talking to the boy. I’m not sure what all Michael said to him but the look of concern and compassion on his face was priceless.


Here he was, off of the streets for less than two weeks, and already helping another kid in need.

By the way, the boys name is Dennis. As you can see, he has a pretty severe cleft pallet and the man that I saw standing over him had just took all of his money.

What about you?

 I could go on and on about how Michael has been a blessing since the first day we found him on that dirty sidewalk. Like how he made juice, set the table, swept the floor, and brought us untold snacks and coffee throughout the day.

But my point is this, he has a servants heart. I believe that God made this boy for ministry. Please join us in prayer that God would continue to bless his life and that nothing will stand in the way of Gods’ will for him.

Have you ever thought about what you were made for? One thing is for sure, we are all created in Gods’ image and we all have a purpose in life.

I want to encourage you to be like Michael. To take advantage of everyday opportunities to help people and be a blessing. He has taught me that it’s not hard to help. You don’t always have to examine every aspect or know every detail.

The main thing is that we just love and help people. For me, that’s how I found my purpose, my calling. I am praying that Michael would find his in that same way.


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