Making A Difference by Travis Sharpe

If you’re like me, then you appreciate the fact that what you are involved in is making a difference. It just does your heart good to see that lives are being changed and that God is being glorified.

I’m extremely glad that that’s the case in our Philippine ministry. It has now been almost 10 months since we began and we are seeing some of those “life transformations” happen now. I just thought I would share a few of those cases with you here today so we could rejoice together in what the Lord is doing.

Michael and Eminem

If you followed us earlier in the year then you will remember the two boys who lived with us for a short period of time. Michael and Eminem. If you remember, we found them on the sidewalk in the city early one morning and Eminem had a severe injury on his foot. The boys had run away from home and they were so scared. If you missed out on all of that you can read about it here.

Well I am happy to tell you that we received a picture of the boys just this week and they are doing pretty good. Here they are at the church.

To be completely honest, it has been a very rough road for these brothers over the last few months. They have had a hard time at home and in school. They each have behavior issues that show up constantly. It has been a struggle to keep them on track and engaged in their studies but thankfully they are holding on.

One thing is sure, God has blessed these boys and they have come a long way from when they were sleeping on the dangerous and dirty streets as runaways. Please continue to call their names out to God in prayer. Pray for them to grow in their walk with God and to have more stability in their home life.


Democrito is my little buddy! This is the four year old boy that I really got attached to (and he to me). Democtrio had a pretty bad case of pulmonary tuberculosis and he was very sick when we first met. Not only was he suffering from TB but he was also severely malnourished.

My heart broke for him so much and we were able to get him the medical treatment he so desperately needed. Today, he is doing very well. He is growing big and strong and he is enrolled in school! What a difference a little medical attention and love can make!

He is now a part of our pilot sponsorship program and my family is his sponsor. We are very happy to be investing in his young life each and every month. It sure does my heart good to see that he is growing and being educated. Please pray for Democrito though because his home life is very difficult and his family is very poor. He will have many challenges to overcome as he grows up.


Illiz is 3 years old and she is the little sister of Democrito. She is a sweetheart of a little girl. But not long after we met them she developed a severe infection in her ear that caused her entire face to swell. We took her for treatment and thankfully her swelling went away as the infection was cured.

Iliz comes to church with her mom and brother each week and our staff is doing their best to help care for her. Please pray for her health and safety as she also lives in a very difficult enviroment.

Sunday school space

Our partner church in the Philippines is Crossroad Community Baptist Church. Pastor Antonio Ner does a great job of leading this congregation of hard working Christians and it is in partnership with this church that we are able to carryout the weekly meal center ministries.

One of their big needs at the church was a building for their children to have Sunday School in. Since we also operate a meal center there on Sundays, we felt led to help them build the Sunday School building.

Today, the kids have a great space to not only have their Sunday School and children’s church but to also be able to sit down and enjoy a great meal each time they come.

In conclusion

These are just a few of the lives that are being transformed through the investments that we are making in our international ministry. I am extremely grateful to each of you who sacrifice and give to make these investments that continue to turn into changed lives.

Thank you so much for giving to the Lord.

I hope you will pray for these and all the other young lives who are being affected each week by our efforts. Another awesome thing is that the parents of these children are also coming to church and most of them have already been saved. It is a long and difficult process of discipleship but we are seeing progress.

I can only imagine the stories and testimonies that are yet to come!
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