Ministry Update 04-22-2020

I hope everyone is making it through your time of quarantine as well as possible. Today I’d like to give you an update on our local ministry here in the Cullman, AL area. We will have another Philippines update toward the end of the week.

We have seen a slight uptick in the amount of requests for help in the recent weeks with over twenty-one people calling upon us for help and most of them are right here in Cullman County. Last week alone, we assisted seven people with lodging in motel rooms and one gentleman with lodging at a local park. One of these is a mother with two teenage children.

There is another family that we have been working with for over a month who has an eight year old boy. They are searching for housing but having a very hard time because they are a one income family and their only vehicle has a bad transmission. Getting back and forth to work each day is a challenge in itself and they are currently living in a tent. The child is being well cared for and is their top priority but there are so many challenges they are facing.

Homelessness is always complicated. This family has limited income, the father has a debilitating physical condition, the mother has over $3000 in fines because she was caught driving (to work) a couple times with no license or insurance. On top of all that, there are other real family issues and also depression. Tara has been working diligently with this family and we are committed to helping them climb out of this deep, dark hole. Please help us pray for God to open the right doors for them and to give us wisdom as we are walking alongside of them and assisting the best we can.

We had some sad news last week as we learned that one of the men who Tim had been helping since last November died in a fire inside a hotel room. The details are yet to be known in full, but we do know that he was suffering and fighting many battles at the time of his death. Tim had spent a lot of time counseling with him and trying to convince him to get the right help. Please pray for his family as they are now grieving his tragic death.

The young man that I led to the Lord a few weeks ago, Nathaniel, called on Sunday and reported that he landed a job. He is excited to start work again and hopefully, work his way back into a good place.

Please remember all of these as you pray this week. Also, please continue to pray for our Philippines team as they are still busy feeding people who cannot get out and work because of their quarantine. Thank you so much for following along with us each week.


This update was written early Monday morning. By Monday afternoon, God had answered prayers for two of the clients we have been helping. Tim was able to take the gentleman that we assisted last week with lodging at the park to a home in Mississippi and he is now off of the streets. See the picture below of Tim transporting him, safely! The family that was staying in a tent with an eight year old boy that we have been working with for over a month is moving into their new place today. The mom was diligent in searching until she found an affordable place to rent. We will continue to assist them with housing items, food, etc. to get them a good start in their new home. If you would like to donate, email Tara at for more information or donate on our website by following this link.