Ministry Update 1-29-17

After almost 6 months here in the Philippines, the time has finally come for our trip back to the United States. We are sad to leave our good friends, yet excited to see family and friends back home. As I write this update, we are in Manila awaiting our flight. We will travel first to Seoul, South Korea and then to Atlanta. By God’s grace, we should arrive home sometime Monday. Here are some updates from the past couple weeks.

Preaching in Pasig

Today I had the privilege of preaching here in Manila at Graceway Bible Baptist Church of Pasig. We had a great service with five people receiving Christ as Savior! The Pastor is Ferdie Cunanan (pictured below), and he has agreed to translate our new Children’s Sunday School material into the Filipino language. We are honored to have him work with us on this project. The translation will make the lessons even more useful here in the Philippines.


One last visit

We visited the children on the street for the final time on Thursday evening. This was a difficult time because we knew it would be several months before we would be able to “love on them” again. One little boy told me he would see me tomorrow and I didn’t have the heart to tell him I wouldn’t be there. We were joined that night by some Pastors from the US and it was a good last night for us even though it was a sad one. We are comforted knowing that our Filipino staff will continue every week.

Howard Dye and Todd Crusenberry visit

It was great to have two of our Board of Director’s visit us during the month of January. Howard Dye and Todd Crusenberry were a true blessing for the 11 days they were with us. We visited meal centers, preached in a school and a jail, worked on the street and much more. These men help guide our ministry and their participation is invaluable to me.

Hunter’s preaching

I am grateful to Pastor Antonio Ner for allowing Hunter to preach every Wednesday night during the month of January. Hunter was a real blessing to the church and I believe this special opportunity also helped him to grow in the Lord and hone his speaking abilities.


Beginning our first meal center outside of our area

We are pleased that our meal center ministry is growing. We are beginning the first meal center outside of our immediate area this February. It will be in a small village known as Bug-Ang. It is about two hours away from our home base and there are many needy children there. Pastor Jezer Manguilimutan will operate this center through his local church. We are beginning this by faith and asking God to give us a sponsor so that it can be fully funded soon. Here are a couple pictures.

Some recent blessings

    • We gained a full sponsorship for the Nacab Bay-Bay meal center last week. Thank you Tom Kyser and Family.
    • We gained a one week per month sponsorship for the Handumanan meal center last week. Thank you Todd Crusenberry and Family.
    • We received medical supplies from the Bristol, VA area a couple weeks ago. Thank you Kathy Crusenberry, Tim Crusenberry and everyone else who helped.
    • We received a box of first aid supplies from Georgia this week. Thank you Karen White and Heather McGlauphin.
    • We gained a one week per month sponsor for the Tumpok meal center. Thank you Hollandsworth Family.
    • A group of our friends back home got together and cleaned our house and freshened everything up for our return. Thank you Shane, Cheranda, Kasey, Rylee, Kristie and the rest. We love you.

I guess that’s all for now. Thank you so much for reading and following our ministry and helping our family to make a difference.

Travis Sharpe & Family