Ministry Update 10-10-14

Here is a quick update on some of the things we have going on this week and in the near future. Thank you for your continued prayers and support for our family and for Unsheltered International.

A Night of Emergency Shelter

Late Saturday night, October 3, We received a call from the local police department. They had a single lady who was in a bad situation and had no where to go for the night. She was desperate for help that night for a place to stay.

I was out of town and April was home sick so we couldn’t go and meet her. However we were able to provide her with a night at a local motel. The police officer got her safe to the motel and she was able to get where she needed to be the following morning. Sometimes just a simple night of shelter can really help as it did for her.

Camping out

Yesterday we received a call from a husband and wife who are living between their car and a tent in a local campground. They have some good leads on housing but nothing has materialized for them just yet.

I tried to get them to commit to a shelter which would be much better for them but the distance to the shelter (about 23 miles) is too much for them. They have decided to stay there in the campground for the next couple of weeks while they continue to work on their housing leads.

While I would rather see them in a shelter, for now we are helping them with their nightly fees at the campground and other basic needs. I was able to speak to them about Christ and have prayer with them as well.

A Video for You

A few weeks ago, on a Wednesday evening, I was given the hour to share our mission work with the church. I took the hour and basically told my story from the very first time I met a homeless person, all the way up until what we are doing today. It gives a great overview of then and now for our family and ministry.

The message is entitled “A Biblical Basis for Getting Involved”

Philippines Ministry

As I stated in the last update, we started last month, (September) helping Crossroad Community Baptist Church in Negros Occidental, Philippines, with their children’s feeding program. We are now in our second month of partnering with them and it is going great.

The meal program is done every Saturday and is spread out to 10 different locations. There are 20-40 children at each location between the ages of 3 years old all the way up to 14 years old.

With your support, you are giving these children a brighter future! Thank you.

The Upcoming Trip to the Philippines

Our five month trip preparations are coming along real good. (If you missed these details, read about them here!)

We are working on the airline tickets and the visa’s right now. We plan to leave around January 15 and return sometime mid May. Please continue to help us pray over all of the details. We still need to raise about $19,000 for the trip.

If you feel led to help, we would love a one time gift for the trip or a monthly sponsorship. You can do that by clicking here.


Good Samaritan Classes

On Saturday, October 25 I will be teaching the Good Samaritan course at Canaan Baptist Church in Augusta, GA. This class is for anyone who wants to learn how to interact with the homeless. We already have some folks from out of state coming in for the class.

Some of the things we cover in the class are:

  • How to use the four-step Good Samaritan Plan
  • How to approach and talk to a homeless person
  • How to make an assessment of their situation
  • How to know when to help and when not to help
  • And much, much more

Click here to learn more about the Good Samaritan Class.

The class in PA

For the last few weeks our Good Samaritan class has been taught at one of our partner churches in PA. There are about 30 students going through the material as part of a special series in Sunday School.

 BBQ Fundraiser

On Friday, October 17 we will be having a BBQ lunch fundraiser here in Cullman. This is a delivery lunch and we deliver to groups of five or more during lunch hours that day. So, if you live in Cullman and would like to get in on that just let us know!

Fish Fry

We are thankful for New Haven Baptist Church in Athens, GA who is hosting a fish fry for us on Sunday, October 19 after their morning services. We did this last year and it was a real success. Thank you New Haven!

Thank You!

Please continue to pray for our ministry both here in the United States as well as overseas. We are asking God to expand our reach and use us to bring many more souls to Christ.

Thanks for reading!