Ministry Update 12-19-18

I hope this update finds you doing well and ready for Christmas. We are within one week now so it’s almost time to start the shopping. Well, for us guys, we will start promptly on the 24th I guess!

I wanted to let you know what we were up to this week so here goes.

Our Philippines team has been busy with the rescue center, street outreach and meal centers. They have added another night to the rescue center ministry so now they are open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

This ministry is going great and we are so happy that it is expanding. You can read more about this ministry that rescues children from the streets by clicking here.
Off season repairs and preparation

It is currently our “off season” as far as resource clinics go and that means maintenance time and preparing for the coming year of ministry that will begin in April. This week I had lots of suspension and brake work done on one of our trailers and we also purchased a new set of tires.

We have been blessed with some new-to-us kitchen equipment so we will be converting this 16’ trailer into a dedicated food service trailer for the resource clinics and in-state mission trips. After the new year I will pull the trailer into our warehouse and we will begin refitting it for that purpose.

We also got another big semi trailer moved to our warehouse property and are using it to store the boxes of clothing that we will use throughout the year. It’s all separated by size and gender.

Here’s another great way we are growing. Tim Barbee has been busy getting all of the insurance, DOT numbers and everything else that is necessary to put the semi truck that was donated to us on the road. Hopefully it will all be finished up and we will be ready to roll with it by the first week of February.

Gearing up for New Orleans

Our trip to New Orleans is February 2-7 and all the spots are now full. Our volunteers have been very busy here at our warehouse on Tuesdays and Wednesdays making up snack bags and sorting clothing to take with us.

We are excited about this upcoming trip and our local volunteers have done a fantastic job getting us ready with supplies.

New Years Eve Party

Our New Years Eve party is right around the corner and it’s going to be lots of fun.

I hope you will join us for this. It will be an open house event so we can show you our new facilities that we moved into this year. We want you to be familiar with where we are and see how God has blessed us this year! There will be lots of food and fun stuff throughout the evening so please join us.

Prayer requests
I ministered to five people here in Cullman this week who were sleeping in cars. Please pray for their safety and for a home.

Please pray for new sponsors for our rescue center. You can learn more about that need here.
Our second annual Facebook Live fundraiser is coming up on March 7th. Please begin to pray with us for God’s great provision through this.

April has been battling migraines the past two weeks and she really needs healing.

Thank you

Many of you have been giving lately and we appreciate your generosity. Thank you for sharing in the Lord’s work!