Ministry Update 2/13/15 (Our first building project)

We are very excited to tell you that we have just finished our very first building project for our new ministry here in the Philippines!

Several weeks ago we began visiting a place called Handumanan. Handumanan is a village just outside of the city of Bacolod and most of the people there are squatters. just in the section we are working in, there are more than 1,000 people. It is a place of great need.

There are a mixture of houses scattered throughout the area. Some are made from blocks and some from wood. All of them are pieced together with makeshift materials. It is a very dirty little place with bumpy little roads and foot paths.

Because there are so many kids in this area, we decided to began a weekly ministry to feed them and teach them about Jesus. Each Saturday we gather the kids, sing songs, share a Bible lesson and then we serve a meal. The kids love to sing along and listen to the lessons we teach them.

The problem was that we had no good place to hold our weekly ministry. It is extremely hot and sunny and it was very hard for the kids to sit and listen for the hour that we sing and teach them. Also, because we didn’t have a set place each week, it didn’t seem like a real lasting ministry to them.



So, we decided to build the kids their own ministry center! One of the families who live there are members of the church we partner with and they wanted us to use an open space beside their house.  They also want us to have a Bible study there in the new building during week!

Here are a few pictures so you can see what we are doing.




 This is the area where we decided to put the structure.


IMG_0890 (1)


As soon as the kids found out that we were building this for them, they began helping!


The entire building is made from bamboo and the roof material is called nipa.


The kids love it!


This is the best part, the kids now have a cool place to sit down and hear the Bible!

We still have a little work to do including laying some blocks and back filling the floor to make it nice and level but the kids were happy to have it just like it is for now. It’s a great place that they can call their own and we can teach them the Bible and serve them nutritious meals each and every week.

Thanks so much for following along in our ministry with us. We appreciate your prayers and support. Right now our biggest need is monthly sponsors to help us purchase the food and pay the expenses of our weekly outreach.

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