Ministry Update 3/6/15

We have had a busy week with lots of travel, fun, and some sadness as well. Sad news is never easy, especially when it’s about someone as innocent as a little child. But I guess you have to take the bad with the good though, huh?

Here is this weeks update.

A special birthday

This week we took a very quick trip to Bantayan Island to visit our friends that we met last year. It was a special trip for us because it was the first time we have been able to visit since we were there in January a year ago.


Mom Grace Birthday


While we were in Bantayan, we celebrated the 76th birthday of Momma Grace Alota. This is our dear friend who provided our meals and lodging during our medical missions trip last year. Her husband started the church a few years ago and just a few years into their work, he passed away.

Today, Momma Grace continues to serve the Lord right there where she and her husband started. It was a pleasure to once again spend some time around the table with her and her church family. We told stories, laughed and even cried a little as we listened to her speak of the love she has for God, her late husband and the people of Bantayan.

At 76, Momma Grace is still eager to serve the Lord every single day!

Visiting the homes

While we were there we also visited with the families that we built new homes for last year. It was such a joy to be able to sit down inside their homes where there was once nothing but a pile of rubble due to Typhoon Yolanda.


April with ladies from Bantayan

We were blessed to see that they are taking great care of their new homes. They are clean inside and out and you can tell that they are very grateful for the blessing from the Lord.

One of the ladies, Tina, has a little store inside her house. She was glad to have us sit down inside so that she could serve us a snack! It was really neat to sit there and watch her serve us because it obviously brought great joy to her to be on the giving end this time.

It was super hot outside so she gave us a frozen coconut ice snack and it was delicious.

Some sad news

We returned to Bacolod on Wednesday afternoon to hear some sad news. If you have been reading my updates you know that we are ministering to several young children who have many health issues due to their living conditions.

One of these children has stolen my heart. He is a little four year old boy named Democrito. This precious little boy always runs to me as soon as he sees me and jumps into my arms. He doesn’t let me put him down either. He just hugs me and stays right there with me.

Travis and Democrito


Travis and democrito 2


During church, if I’m not preaching, he sits right there with me. We knew that he was sick because he is very thin and underweight. But when we took him to the doctor this week we found out that he has Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

This disease is rare in the U. S. but common here in the Philippines. It attacks the lungs and is deadly. We have already started him on the treatments that must last for six months and be taken with extreme accuracy.

Please help me pray for my little buddy that he will be able to beat this disease and become a strong little man. The odds are stacked against him but we are committed to doing everything we can to see him through this.

A sweet girl named Hannah

This week we also helped a five year old little girl named Hannah. She has a deformity on her face and it was not known what it was so we took her for a CT scan. Thankfully it is non life threatening but she does need surgery.

Hannah and her mother attend the church each week and they were reached through the Saturday feeding center ministry of Pastor Ner. Please help us and her family pray for the Lord’s provision so that she can have the surgery she needs. There is just no way that her family can afford this on their own.

Thank you

Again, I appreciate you following my updates and praying for us as we are making a difference here in the lives of so many needy people.




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