Ministry Update 4/17/15

This has been a busy week for Unsheltered International in the Philippines as well as in the U.S. Some people ask Here is a little bit about what we’ve been up to!

Team leaves for PA

On Wednesday, Tara, Adrienne and Tim Barbee left AL and met up with Pastor Tim Crusenberry in Bristol, VA. Together, along with a few others, they left on Thursday morning headed to Coatesville, PA where we will have the third resource clinic at City Gate Mission tomorrow.

Today will be lots of planning, last minute preparations and an orientation for volunteers.

Tim Crusenberry is leading the team and they will join Pastors, Michael and Gary Moore, Steve Dixon and others to host the clinic for the third time. There will be a whole host of volunteers from at least three local churches who come together to bring help and hope to the many homeless and underprivileged people in Coatesville.

Please pray for a great day tomorrow, especially for many souls to be saved. We will give you a good report next week!

Building project at dump

Many of you saw on our facebook page earlier in the week that we were approved to build a building at the city dump site. We are praising the Lord for this approval that came from the Mayor’s office on Monday.

File Apr 17, 6 16 18 PM

We have now been serving meals and ministering each week at the dump for 10 weeks. The dump, (understandably), is a very dirty place where smoke fills the air and the wind and dust blows constantly.

We have not had a good place to sing with the kids and do our Bible study because of the elements so this new building will be a real help. It will be made mostly of bamboo and will hopefully have a concrete floor,(we just need further approval for the concrete).

It will not have sides but it will give us plenty of shade and a permanent location each week. We are thankful for Belair Baptist Church in Grovetown, GA for pledging their support to help us build this building!

We are trying to start construction in the next few days because we want to have it ready by April, 29 when we will have the GPA medical clinic there at the dump. Thanks for praying and supporting this unique ministry.

Medical team arrives on Wednesday

We are excited about the arrival of the GPA medical missions team this coming Wednesday. There are 12 members and the team is led by Pastor Todd Crusenberry. Please be in much care for this eight day medical mission.

We will start the clinic off in a mountain village on Thursday that is about an hour and a half away from where we live. Each day we will move to a new location, seeing as many as 150 patients per day. The doctors, nurses and volunteers will need lots of prayer support.

It will be very hot those days and we will see many challenging cases but we know the Lord will give us all strength to do the job.

The girls

Yesterday, while making our early morning visits, we met a group of young people that we have met several times before. But this time, we went a little further. Two of the girls are step sisters and, like many of the kids on the streets, they have a family not far away.

File Apr 17, 6 13 15 PM

We convinced the two girls to take us to their house to meet their parents. It was a blessing to sit in their home talk with their mom and dad about their situation. With the parents permission, we brought the girls back to the mission house for showers, food and to get to know them a little better.

File Apr 17, 5 46 06 PM
File Apr 17, 6 04 14 PM

We have made arrangements to bring this family with us to church Sunday morning so please help us pray that it works out and that God does a great work in their lives.

Please pray for April

My precious wife April has had some serious health issues for quite a while now. Last year she suffered with pleurisy for over three months. About three weeks ago, she began to have severe chest pains, like someone was sitting on her chest. They have persisted and have been accompanied by extreme weakness and fatigue.

File Apr 17, 6 21 17 PM

Her doctor had her admitted to the hospital Thursday afternoon in an attempt to get some answers. With the extremely busy schedule of the doctors here, it is easier and quicker to be admitted. The doctors have come to her and several tests have been done including multiple blood tests, x-rays, echo cardiogram, and an MRI.

Several of you have already joined us in praying for April and I would ask you to please continue. She has a ton of things that she wants to accomplish before we leave here in June but she needs her health to do them. Among other things, she is in charge of VBS in May.

Thank you for your prayers on her behalf. Keep an eye on our facebook page for updates.

As always, we are extremely grateful and thankful to each of you who give to make this unique and important ministry happen week in and week out. The Lord has blessed us with some of the most generous and faithful supporters that there are and for that, we are grateful.


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