Ministry Update 4/27/15

Some great things have happened this week and I am so glad that you are a part of them. We are building, preaching, soul-winning, having medical clinic and more.

Here’s a look at some highlights.
Princess went home
Do you remember the beautiful little girl who was at deaths door just one week ago? She had become severely dehydrated and developed pneumonia. By the time she arrived at the emergency room she was motionless and we prayed it was not too late.
Well, today she is happy and healthy again. She was released from the hospital on Friday and her mom and dad brought her to church on Sunday morning.
File Apr 26, 9 51 40 PM
I snapped this picture as they were sitting in church because it was the first time I had seen her smile since her brush with death.
Physical and Spiritual
Princess was in the hospital for one week and ironically, she was in the same hospital, on the same floor as my wife April. Her daddy’s name is Rhyan and he is 26 years old. I got to spend a lot of time with Rhyan at the hospital and we talked a lot about the possible reasons that his little girl was there.
I told him that God has a purpose in everything and that God would use this trying time to bring about something good. Pastor Ner had told him the very same thing.
File Apr 26, 9 50 15 PM
I am happy to report that on Sunday morning Rhyan gave his life to Christ. What a great example of how saving a life physically, can lead to the saving of a soul, spiritually. Please pray that he will follow the Lord and become a part of the church family here.
Project at the Dump is almost complete
Our building at the dump site is coming along very well. It seems like the most unlikely place to build something because it is a place where everyone’s trash is taken, where things go to be discarded. But we know that places like this are where God does some of his best work!
File Apr 27, 6 30 09 AM
The Lord has opened a great door of opportunity for us here at the dump. This building will be used each week to house our children’s meal program and, hopefully, a weekly Bible study as well.
Everything should be finished up by Thursday when we have medical clinic there at the dump. That will be our very first time to use this brand new building!
Please continue to pray for our unique and awesome ministry here at the dump site.
Medical team is here
The team of doctors, nurses, and volunteers from the U.S. arrived last week and have been working diligently each and every day. They arrived on Wednesday night and we hit the ground running on Thursday morning. This is a group that was organized by GPA Mobilization Ministries which is led by my good friend, Gary Moore.
My good friend, Todd Crusenberry is the team leader and he is also the person who brought me to the Philippines for the first time last year. He’s a big part of why we are here!
Day 1
Our first place to hold clinic was in a mountainous region called Toboso. The clinic was at the church where our good friend Jezer is the pastor. The church is tucked away in the trees down a small road that seems impassible by car.
The first day is always a little rough because everyone is tired from the travel. Thursday was no exception. By the end of the day the entire team was completely exhausted. But we were happy that dozens of people had come to know Christ and over 150 people were helped at the medical clinic.
Day 2
On day two we were in Talisay at a place called San Esteben. This is a small settlement that is not far from our church. There is a covered basketball court there and we have a children’s feeding program there each Saturday.
The team was a little more rested after a good nights sleep and everything ran smoothly throughout the day. There were several people there from the local health office who assisted the team and that made a big difference. Once again, many people were helped and souls were saved.
Day 3
On the third day of the clinic, we went to an area that we call tulay. Tulay is the Tagalog word for “bridge” and in this area there is a highway bridge that crosses a river. There are settlement of squatters on each side of the bridge as well as underneath.
File Apr 27, 6 38 02 AM
This is another place that we have a weekly ministry for the children and everyone was so happy that we brought the medical team there.
We had several serious medical cases at this site. One of those was a young boy who had three severely infected places on his head. One of them was abscessed and puss was oozing out.
Upon the doctors recommendation, we loaded him up in the van, (which we now call the Unsheltered ambulance),  and took him to the local hospital where they admitted him immediately. They started him on IV antibiotics and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.
Please pray for him because the abscess is in a very bad spot on his head and it could cause some major problems. I hope we caught it in time.
Day 4
Day four was Sunday and we started off the day with church at 8 am just like we do each Sunday. After the church service we set up the medical clinic there at the church and the patients began to pour in.
The team worked all day long treating patients that rarely ever see a doctor. I watched as Ted White, a first time volunteer and doctor, found ants inside a little girls ear. He carefully pulled them out as he assured her she would be alright.
File Apr 26, 9 48 45 PM
We ended the day with a church service and many people responded to the gospel message.
Coming up
Today we are at another site with a partner church and tomorrow we will go to another church in the mountains. Wednesday is the day we go to the dump site and the week will end on Thursday with our clinic in Zone 16. I’ll keep you updated on how all that goes!
Thanks so much for your continued prayers for our family and ministry. We can feel the support!
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