Ministry Update 5-7-20

In today’s update, I want to tell you what’s going on in our Philippines ministry. As you know, the community quarantine has been in effect there for several weeks now. Only one family member is permitted to go outside the home on certain days for essential items.

Thankfully though, our ministry team has been granted special permission due to the fact that they are caring for people in need. Not only have they taken care of many poor families who don’t have enough to make ends meet, they are also feeding workers who are on the front lines in the Cover-19 battle. Basically, the love of God has been spread generously by pastor Ner and his team during these troubling weeks. In the picture below, pastor Ner is feeding one of those workers.

In the last week, the team has been caring for the poor on the streets. In Bacolod City where their work is concentrated, there are many people who are suffering with mental illness. Thankfully, the team sees them no differently than anyone else they serve. With love and compassion, they share God’s blessings with the hope that His Word will also be received.

One of our Philippines ministry board members lives on the island of Mindanao. We were able to send them support for relief efforts and they have also been doing a terrific job. At one point, after distributing relief goods to a group of people, pastor Remada took the opportunity to preach and there were several decisions made for Christ.

As of today, we have sent the Philippines team $5,485 for relief efforts. They have served over 465 front line workers, distributed more than 500 relief packages, given away Bibles, gospel tracts, and N95 masks. I also instructed the team to care for many of the poorer church members who are in need and they have seen to that generously. The best news is that through all of this, more than 110 people have made decisions for Christ.

On behalf of each person in need, I want to thank you, our donor, for the support you have given in the recent weeks. We began this quarantine with many uncertainties, but God has blessed with souls saved and many others helped in various ways.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.